Florida To Vote On Legal Cannabis In Next Election

Florida voters may soon find themselves facing a significant decision on marijuana legalization as the state gears up for the upcoming presidential election. Governor Ron DeSantis has hinted at the possibility of marijuana legalization appearing on the ballots this fall, signaling a potential shift in the state’s stance on cannabis. The matter currently rests in […]

Dr. Drew focuses on the downside of marijuana

There are just so many studies out there relating to marijuana. And they continue coming in. We see so many forms of news, both good and bad. One day you’ll see a study that shows how weed can improve depression symptoms, and the next you’ll find one that shows the link between early use of […]

Researchers Now Know Why Cannabis Makes You Have the ‘Munchies’

In a groundbreaking discovery, scientists at Washington State University (WSU) have identified the intricate workings of the brain responsible for inducing the notorious “munchies” after marijuana use. The findings, published in the journal Scientific Reports, shed light on how cannabis activates specific neurons in the hypothalamus, unraveling the mystery behind increased appetite. For centuries, the […]

Wisconsin Governor Backs GOP Cannabis Proposal

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, a vocal advocate for full-scale recreational marijuana legalization, expressed openness to a more restricted medical marijuana legalization proposed by Republicans on Wednesday. In an interview with The Associated Press, Governor Evers, a Democrat, stated, “I would think that getting it all done in one fell swoop would be more thoughtful as […]

Rhode Island Hits $100 Million In Cannabis Sales First Year

Rhode Island marked a milestone in the cannabis industry as state-licensed businesses surpassed $100 million in sales during the inaugural year of legal adult-use cannabis. Recent data released by the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation, updated through November, reveals a total of $105.0 million in legal cannabis sales since December 2022. Recreational sales, which […]

Marijuana Sales will Hit $37 Billion by 2027

With all of the very slow-moving marijuana legislation across the country, it’s easy to forget that the industry still has a huge potential yet to be fulfilled. A new report titled “Cannabis Beats Booze” by the firm TD Cowen reminds us of the exciting years to come. Put under the context of what the marijuana […]

Psilocybin Therapy coming to 10,000 New York Military Veterans

A bill was introduced into the New York State legislature that would create a pilot Psilocybin Therapy program for military veterans and first responders. Pat Burke, Democrat, filed the bill, which would create the program for 10,000 participants and have the Department of Health create training guidelines. A memo with the bill states, “Psilocybin therapy […]

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