In March, Arizona Brought In More Tax Revenue From Marijuana than Alcohol and Tobacco Combined

In March, Arizona generated more tax revenue from selling marijuana than alcohol and tobacco combined. According to MarijuanaMoment, tax deposits from medical and recreational cannabis reached over $6.3 million in March alone. The tobacco taxes brought in only $1.7 million while alcohol brought in $3.7 million. All these numbers come from the Arizona Joint Legislative […]

President Biden Uses Clemency Powers for the First Time; NORML Calls His Actions “Woefully Inadequate”

President Joe Biden utilized his clemency powers for the first time today. This morning, the White House announced the pardoning or commutation of sentencing for 78 individuals, most of whom had been on supervised release during the COVID pandemic. Of those 78 individuals, nine had federal charges related to marijuana. NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri responded: “Branding thousands […]

Majority of Americans Support Overdose Prevention Centers

The idea of a center that allows drugs to be injected in a safe and non-legal environment is something that is initially difficult to wrap our logical heads around. How is this not supporting, or even encouraging, drug-use? It’s an understandable hesitancy, and certainly true if not for it’s true purpose of bringing overdose death […]

Poll: 69 Percent of Adults Support Legalizing Marijuana, Most Say It’s Less Harmful Than Alcohol

A super-majority of Americans say that the use of marijuana should be made legal for adults, and most respondents agree that it is less harmful to health than drinking alcohol, according to national survey data compiled by the market research firm SSRS. Sixty-nine percent of respondents – including 78 percent of Democrats, 74 percent of […]

Ben & Jerry’s Teams Up With ACLU to Promote Federal Legalization in US

With the possibility of marijuana legalization looming, many activists are pleased to finally see some progress being made. After many years of petitioning and slow progress, a bill to legalize federally now sits in the Senate awaiting a vote. The problem at hand though, is not all Democrats support marijuana legalization. Given the current Democrat […]

State Policy Weekly Update 4/22/2022

This week’s update highlights legislative advancement in Alaska, California, Ohio, Missouri, New Hampshire, and in several other states.  Alaska HB 246 seals the records of those with low-level convictions from nine certain types of criminal history background checks. People with otherwise clean records do not deserve to have the rest of their lives derailed because of […]

Statement on the Release of Biden-Harris Administration’s 2022 National Drug Control Strategy

First Time Ever Strategy Has Supported Access and Funding for Harm Reduction Services and Reducing Barriers for Life-Saving Medications Washington, D.C. – In response to the Biden-Harris Administration today releasing the 2022 National Drug Control Strategy to Congress, which—for the first time in history—included support for access and funding of harm reduction services and reducing […]

This 4/20 Help Finish the Fight Against Prohibition

For millions of Americans, April 20th is a day for celebration. And we certainly have plenty to celebrate. In just the past few weeks, we achieved several important victories in the battle for cannabis freedom. Members of the House of Representatives, for only the second time in history, have advanced legislation repealing the federal prohibition […]

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