DEA will move Marijuana to Schedule III

In probably the biggest marijuana news of the year, the Drug Enforcement Administration has agreed to move marijuana to Schedule III in the US. This was initially recommended by the US Department of Health and Human Services last year. The repercussions are huge. This would mean that marijuana businesses can finally get federal tax deductions, […]

Can smoking weed reduce risk of cognitive decline?

A study out of the State University of New York Upstate Medical University (maybe they should consider consolidating that title…) found that consuming marijuana can lower the risk of cognitive decline by 96%. That’s a gigantic number and right away my skepticism radar pinged. But it seems that even the authors of the study themselves […]

Hawaii Legalization Bill Dead Due To House Leader Inaction

The push for marijuana legalization in Hawaii has hit a significant snag as Rep. Kyle Yamashita (D), chair of the House Finance Committee, announced on Tuesday afternoon that his panel would not consider the legalization measure, SB 3335, ahead of a legislative deadline this week. The decision effectively ends the bill’s journey through the legislative […]

Feds Seize Legal Cannabis In New Mexico, No Plan To Give Back

Federal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have made headlines in New Mexico after seizing over $300,000 worth of cannabis products from state-licensed operators in recent weeks, according to a report by KRQE. The seizures, which occurred at routine CBP checkpoints near the U.S.-Mexico border in the state’s southern region, have sparked concerns among cannabis […]

Celebrate 4/20 at events across the country

2024 is one of those lucky years where 4/20 lands on a Saturday, and to celebrate the occasion, there’s a plethora of things going on across the US. Here’s a list of some of the big ones. Cannabis Festival in Washington DC This one’s gonna be huge. Taking place both tomorrow and Saturday, the festival […]

How potent is weed these days?

Trailing behind marijuana has always been a league of fearmongerers. I grew up directly in the “gateway drug” era. Today, the fear manifests itself in a concern for highly potent weed that has a link to psychosis. This time, however, some of this is backed up in science. But where do we draw the line […]

The battle between weed and exercise

People use the psychoactive aspect of marijuana in a huge variety of ways. It runs the gamut, from creativity to focus to pure zone out bliss. But one of the biggest lingering assumptions is that it makes you deeply lazy. So what to make of the many people who enjoy a toke before a heavy […]

Germany Legalizes Possession of Small Amounts of Cannabis

A cloud of smoke hovered over Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on Monday night as marijuana enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the legalization of recreational cannabis in Germany. The landmark legislation, which came into effect at midnight, permits possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use, sparking both jubilation and concern across the nation. The German Cannabis […]

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