States That Legalize Marijuana Experience Lowered Traffic Death Rates

States that legalized marijuana in 2016 experienced notable decreases in traffic fatalities in the years immediately following the policy change, according to a recent study conducted by Quartz Advisor. However, the long-term impact on road safety appeared less certain when considering data from 2020 and 2021, which were described as “anomalies” nationwide. The study’s primary […]

Ohio: Latest Polls Show Continued Support for Legalization Ahead of Initiative Vote

Two recently released polls show that Ohioans remain solidly behind an Election Day effort to legalize marijuana possession, home cultivation, and sales. The first poll, compiled by Ohio Northern University, finds that just under two-thirds of Ohioans express general support for legalization. The second survey, conducted by Public Policy Polling, finds that 59 percent of […]

Republican Representative Nancy Mace files another Marijuana Legalization Bill

Back in 2021, GOP Representative Nancy Mace from South Carolina made some headlines by creating her own Marijuana Legalization Bill. It was created specifically from a Republican perspective, where states would continue to regulate their own markets however they pleased. The new States Reform Act that she has filed would probably do the same, however […]

Ohio Lawmakers Believe Legalization Will Happen At The Ballot

A recent survey of Ohio lawmakers indicates that 54 percent of them believe voters will approve a ballot initiative next month to legalize marijuana in the state. This expectation is shared by both Democratic (63 percent) and Republican (52 percent) lawmakers, despite the GOP-controlled Senate’s recent resolution urging voters to reject the reform. The survey, […]

Analysis: State-Legal Cannabis Not Correlated with Increased Traffic Fatalities

Changes in the state-legal status of cannabis are not associated with rising motor vehicle fatalities, according to an analysis by the news agency Quartz Media LLC. Researchers affiliated with Quartz Advisors assessed trends in fatal motor vehicle accidents in four legalization states – California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada – as compared to five control states: […]

Canadian Cannabis Growers Are Switching To Growing Veggies And Other Produce

Canada’s cannabis industry, once hailed as a budding success, has faced persistent challenges due to oversupply and competitive pressures. As a result, some of the country’s largest cannabis cultivators are exploring alternative avenues to maintain profitability. These companies are now venturing into the realm of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental flowers as a strategy to diversify […]

Colorado: Compliance Check Data Confirms That Retailers Aren’t Selling Marijuana to Minors

Colorado retailers are in strict compliance with the state’s minimum age laws and they are not selling cannabis products to underage patrons, according to data provided by the state government and first reported by Marijuana Moment. Data for the year 2022 shows that underage operatives were denied access to retail cannabis products 99 percent of […]

Ohio: Latest Polling Finds Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measure “Almost Certain” to Pass

A majority of voters from most every demographic in Ohio support passing Issue 2, a citizens’ initiated measure to legalize and regulate the possession, home cultivation, and retail sale of cannabis for those age 21 or older, according to statewide polling data released today by Baldwin Wallace University. Overall, 57 percent of registered voters support […]

FBI: Police Make Over a Quarter Million Marijuana Arrests in 2022

Law enforcement officials made well over a quarter million arrests for marijuana-related violations in 2022, according to data compiled by the FBI’s Crime Data Explorer. According to the online database, which was updated on Monday with data for the year 2022, police made at least 227,108 arrests for marijuana violations last year. Of those, 92 […]

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