Cannabis Legalization Doesn’t Increase Alcohol, Nicotine, Pain Reliever Usage, Study Shows

Some new studies published by the University of Washington show that after marijuana legalization, consumption of other substances like alcohol and cigarettes fall significantly. This new study tested trends in alcohol, cigarettes, and non-prescribed pain reliever use amongst young adults aged 18-25. Some 12,500 young adults were studied, and results showed that contrary to popular […]

DOJ Warns US Supreme Court to Stay Out of Legalization

The US Justice Department is issuing statements to the US Supreme Court that they should not take up a case revolving around worker compensation for medical marijuana. The Justice Department has said that doing so would result in wide-ranging implications related to federal supremacy. They had also said that doing so would be pointless due […]

Austin Texas Has Voted to Decriminalize Marijuana

Austin Texas just voted to decriminalize marijuana. 85% of voters showed up and voted in favor of passing Proposition A which would immediately decriminalize marijuana in the capital. There were also some other pieces of legislation included within the proposition. Proposition A does more than decriminalize marijuana, the proposition also prevents police from executing no-knock […]

Sweeping Marijuana Reform Gaining Momentum in the Senate

Major cannabis reform in the Senate may be gaining momentum. Initially thought to be dead when pushed into the Senate, the SAFE Banking Act is slowly gaining bipartisan support from lawmakers across the US. The Safe Banking Act, works by enabling cannabis firms to use banking services, bolstering both the supply and manufacturing aspect of […]

Cannabis Becomes America’s Fifth Most Profitable Crop Behind Wheat

According to High Times, cannabis has become America’s fifth most profitable crop. Last November, Leafly Holdings, Inc. released their first ever “Cannabis Harvest Report” which took an in depth look at cannabis production and sales in many legalized states. According to the report, “Cannabis is medically legal in 37 states, but for purposes of this […]

In March, Arizona Brought In More Tax Revenue From Marijuana than Alcohol and Tobacco Combined

In March, Arizona generated more tax revenue from selling marijuana than alcohol and tobacco combined. According to MarijuanaMoment, tax deposits from medical and recreational cannabis reached over $6.3 million in March alone. The tobacco taxes brought in only $1.7 million while alcohol brought in $3.7 million. All these numbers come from the Arizona Joint Legislative […]

Ben & Jerry’s Teams Up With ACLU to Promote Federal Legalization in US

With the possibility of marijuana legalization looming, many activists are pleased to finally see some progress being made. After many years of petitioning and slow progress, a bill to legalize federally now sits in the Senate awaiting a vote. The problem at hand though, is not all Democrats support marijuana legalization. Given the current Democrat […]

Massive Hemp Farm Busted in Spain

The largest cannabis farm in Europe just got raided. According to Sky News, officers destroyed and collected over 415,000 hemp plants that were set to be shipped and turned into CBD oil. The plants on the farm were estimated to be worth at minimum 100 million Euros. This massive farm was busted just a few […]

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