Hawaii Legislators Shoot Down Legalization Attempt

Efforts to legalize marijuana in Hawaii came to a halt on Tuesday as Rep. Kyle Yamashita, chair of the House Finance Committee, announced that the panel would not hear SB 3335, effectively quashing the bill before a legislative deadline. The decision deals a blow to advocates of cannabis legalization in the state, especially after the […]

OBN Director in Oklahoma Warns About ‘Too Many Growers’

In a stern address before the Rogers County Commission on Monday, Donnie Anderson, the Director of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN), underscored the pressing threat posed by illegal marijuana cultivation in the state, labeling it a significant national security concern. Anderson’s visit came as a gesture of gratitude for the collaborative efforts of the […]

Cannabis Company MedMen Files for Bankruptcy

Creditors of cannabis giant MedMen Enterprises are gearing up for a critical meeting in the coming weeks, as the company enters bankruptcy proceedings in Canada and places its California retail assets under receivership. This marks a significant downturn for the once-thriving multistate operator, signaling what could be the most notable collapse in the marijuana industry’s […]

Hawaii Legalization Bill Dead Due To House Leader Inaction

The push for marijuana legalization in Hawaii has hit a significant snag as Rep. Kyle Yamashita (D), chair of the House Finance Committee, announced on Tuesday afternoon that his panel would not consider the legalization measure, SB 3335, ahead of a legislative deadline this week. The decision effectively ends the bill’s journey through the legislative […]

Feds Seize Legal Cannabis In New Mexico, No Plan To Give Back

Federal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have made headlines in New Mexico after seizing over $300,000 worth of cannabis products from state-licensed operators in recent weeks, according to a report by KRQE. The seizures, which occurred at routine CBP checkpoints near the U.S.-Mexico border in the state’s southern region, have sparked concerns among cannabis […]

Germany Legalizes Possession of Small Amounts of Cannabis

A cloud of smoke hovered over Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on Monday night as marijuana enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the legalization of recreational cannabis in Germany. The landmark legislation, which came into effect at midnight, permits possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use, sparking both jubilation and concern across the nation. The German Cannabis […]

Truck Drivers Are Refusing More Drug Tests As States Legalize Cannabis

In light of the increasing legalization of marijuana across the United States, a recent federal report has unveiled a notable decline in positive drug tests among commercial drivers. However, this encouraging trend is juxtaposed against a significant rise in the number of drivers refusing drug screenings altogether. According to the report released by the Federal […]

Kamala Harris Mentions Cannabis Reform For The First Time Since The Election

In a significant departure from the administration’s previous stance, Vice President Kamala Harris has openly called for the legalization of marijuana, marking a potential shift in policy as the November elections loom. Speaking to a group of cannabis pardon recipients at the White House, Harris asserted, “we need to legalize marijuana,” according to an attendee. […]

Massachusetts Governor Pardons Thousands With Marijuana Convictions

In a groundbreaking move, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey unveiled plans earlier in March to pardon individuals convicted of simple marijuana possession, potentially impacting hundreds of thousands of residents in the state. If approved by the Governor’s Council, the pardons would extend to all prior adult misdemeanor convictions for marijuana possession. “We’re talking about hundreds of […]

Roughly 80% Of Americans Live Close to a Dispensary, New Report From Pew States

In a recent analysis conducted by the Pew Research Center, it has been revealed that despite marijuana remaining illegal under federal law, an increasing number of Americans reside in states where its recreational use is permitted. The findings underscore a significant shift in public attitudes towards cannabis legalization, with 54% of the population now living […]

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