Cannabis Consumption Lounges Are Coming To Vegas

Cannabis consumption lounges are coming to the city of Las Vegas. In a recent vote by the City Council, it was determined that these businesses will now be allowed. The vote came out 5-1 in favor of allowing cannabis lounges throughout the bustling city. These new consumption lounges will allow customers to freely and legally […]

New Poll, A Large Majority Of Republican Senators Support A Variety Of Marijuana Reform

A large majority of Republicans have come out supporting a wide variety of marijuana reforms, a new poll shows. This also comes in the wake of GOP congresspeople talking about bipartisan reforms that directly affect the way the states approach marijuana. The survey, done by the National Cannabis Roundtable found that most Republicans support incremental […]

Biden Administration Meets With Fetterman To Discuss Marijuana Legalization

Recently, John Fetterman called upon President Joe Biden to federally legalize marijuana for all. After a recent meeting on Labor Day, the Biden Administration released a response for the proposal.  In this response, the Administration said they are working towards bringing marijuana down from a schedule 1 drug to a schedule 2 drug. Doing so […]

Singapore Olympic Star Suspended For Admitting to Taking Cannabis In Vietnam

Joseph Schooling, a Singapore Olympic star has recently been suspended for consuming cannabis while in Vietnam last May. The countries first gold medalist was suspended from competing in future games after admitting to consuming cannabis during his most recent trip. During the 2016 Rio Games, 27-year-old Schooling won the country’s first gold medal. Now, 6 […]

New National Institution Of Health Study Shows How Pandemic Affected Drug Usage Amongst Young Adults

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), marijuana and hallucinogen usage among young adults aged 19-30 has increased significantly from 10 years ago. Within this study, it was also found that “past-month” vaping levels have rebounded from the early pandemic drop. The NIH also stated that the increases in marijuana and hallucinogen use is […]

Global Hemp Clothing Industry Expected to Surpass $23 Billion in Next Decade

The global hemp clothing market is booming. According to Allied Market Research, hemp clothing is expected to reach $23.02 Billion in market value by the year 2031. Hemp, unlike many other clothing materials has vastly superior benefits when compared to things like cotton. Hemp is lightweight, absorbent, and sustainable. When compared to other commonly used […]

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