Washington D.C. might be next on the list to decriminalize controlled substances

In a new poll, DC voters overwhelmingly voiced their support for drug decriminalization. According to MarijuanaMoment, 83% of responders to these polls said that they support having the D.C. council pass ordinance to “remove criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of commonly-used controlled substances consistent with personal use.” Of this 83%, 65% strongly support […]

Mercy for Animals is working to switch farmers from animals to hemp

Farming chickens in the U.S. is a big business. Many farmers across the nation have devoted their time, energy, and resources towards this huge market. As of recently, the animal Advocacy group Mercy for Animals have started their “Transfarmation” project. This project intends to switch farmers from slaughtering animals to growing hemp. Mercy for Animals […]

Tommy Chong’s Cannabis Brand has a new president

Chongson Inc., the managing company for Tommy Chong’s Cannabis brand has named Jonathan Black as acting president. Jonathan Black holds a dual role as president and CEO of the Cheech and Chong Cannabis Company. In a statement by Tommy Chong, he said, “The timing and opportunity to lift the Tommy Chong Cannabis brand to the […]

Florida looking to phase-out polystyrene and implement hemp based products

The state of Florida is looking to switch polystyrene products with reusable hemp products. This comes after Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried announced the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services started a rulemaking process to phase out the use of polystyrene products. According to Ganjapreneur, Nikki Fried, a Democrat who is challenging incumbent governor Ron […]

Edible sales rising, leading to more trips to the ER

Due to the increased usage of cannabis within the US over the last few years, we are beginning to see adverse effects on those who are choosing to use the drug. In an article on Yahoo by Nate Guzowski, he explains that people who are using edibles are experiencing negative effects due to overconsumption. Edibles, […]

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