Americans Are Smoking More Weed And The Federal Government Is Hiring Less, Crisis On The Rise

Marijuana usage in the United States is a historically skeptical concept. But as of recently, states are legalizing, businesses are adapting, and more every day people are choosing to consume. This can be seen with recent research findings. According to the federal government and Fox News, positive marijuana tests are at all time highs. The […]

Majority Of Cannabis Consumers Are Now Purchasing From Dispensaries Instead of Dealers

Over half of consumers of cannabis are now purchasing their weed through brick-and-mortar retailers. Just a few short years ago many of these consumers were buying their cannabis through the black market. Now, with legal weed in most of the state’s many are choosing to get their goods through dispensaries. 52% of respondents are choosing […]

New Study Shows Cannabis Use Is Associated With Significant Health Improvements

According to the American Medical Association, marijuana use is associated with significant and sustained health improvements. This new report highlights the health benefits and other effects marijuana has on the consumer’s body and lifestyle. Within the report, it stated how the researchers carried out a retrospective case series analysis that involved over 3,000 people in […]

12 Story Hemp Hotel Getting Finishing Touches In Cape Town

The world’s tallest hemp hotel has been completed in South Africa. In Cape Town, South Africa, the 12-story hotel made completely out of hemp-Crete has been getting finishing touches. This building boasts an extremely small ecological footprint and is the world’s tallest building created with hemp materials. Although not opened yet, the plan is for […]

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