Massachusetts Adult Use Marijuana surpasses $5 Billion In Sales

Massachusetts’ burgeoning adult-use marijuana industry has reached an impressive milestone, with total sales crossing the $5 billion mark. This achievement comes amid strong momentum, despite earlier speculation about the resignation of the executive director of the state’s Cannabis Control Commission (CCC). Regulators in the Bay State have reported that adult-use cannabis sales continue to surge, […]

I’m Interning With NORML Because We Share A Similar Vision

Fall ’23 intern Gloria-Jean Cutsforth I am interning with NORML so that I can be involved with an organization that shares the same values and goals that I prioritize. This organization has been, and continues to be, at the forefront of marijuana consumer advocacy. I support and aim for a future where cannabis use is  […]

Reactions to the Rescheduling of Marijuana

While it is far from being official, it looks pretty clear that the Biden Administration’s plan is to reschedule marijuana as a Schedule III controlled substance in the ranks of steroids and ketamine. While that will be a mostly good sign for many businesses dealing with heightened Schedule I related taxes, there are also lots […]

Ricky Williams Wants The NFL To Treat Players With Cannabis

­Former NFL running back Ricky Williams, a prominent advocate for the use of cannabis and psychedelics, has expressed his optimism about the league’s evolving stance on cannabis but hopes the NFL will take a further step by allowing teams to treat players with marijuana after games. The NFL made significant changes to its marijuana policy […]

California: Legislation Advanced to Governor Permitting Live Events at Marijuana On-Site Consumption Lounges

Local establishments authorized to permit adults to consume cannabis on their premises will be able to expand their operations to include food services and live events, under legislation advanced to the Governor’s desk. Assembly Bill 374 expands existing law so that cannabis consumption facilities can serve patrons “non-cannabis food or beverage products.” Establishments will also […]

North Carolina: Tribal Voters Approve Measure to Allow for Eventual Sales of Marijuana to Adults

Members of North Carolina’s Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians have decided in favor of a referendum permitting the use and sale of marijuana on tribal land. According to preliminary results, 70 percent of voters backed the measure, which read: “Do you support legalizing the possession and use of cannabis for persons who are at least […]

35 Years Ago Today: DEA’s Chief Administrative Law Judge Ruled That Cannabis Should Be Reclassified Under Federal Law

Today marks the 35-year anniversary of an administrative ruling by the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Chief Administrative Law Judge determining that cannabis possesses accepted medical utility in the United States and, therefore, it ought to be available to qualified patients. The ruling, issued on September 6, 1988 by DEA Judge Francis Young In the […]

Rescheduling Marijuana Is Not Enough

Ten months after the Biden administration requested the Department of Health and Human Services “to initiate the administrative process to review expeditiously how marijuana is scheduled under federal law,” Secretary Xavier Becerra confirmed that the agency has recommended cannabis be removed from its Schedule I classification and placed in a lower schedule. While the explicit details of […]

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