Celebrate 4/20 at events across the country

2024 is one of those lucky years where 4/20 lands on a Saturday, and to celebrate the occasion, there’s a plethora of things going on across the US. Here’s a list of some of the big ones. Cannabis Festival in Washington DC This one’s gonna be huge. Taking place both tomorrow and Saturday, the festival […]

How potent is weed these days?

Trailing behind marijuana has always been a league of fearmongerers. I grew up directly in the “gateway drug” era. Today, the fear manifests itself in a concern for highly potent weed that has a link to psychosis. This time, however, some of this is backed up in science. But where do we draw the line […]

The battle between weed and exercise

People use the psychoactive aspect of marijuana in a huge variety of ways. It runs the gamut, from creativity to focus to pure zone out bliss. But one of the biggest lingering assumptions is that it makes you deeply lazy. So what to make of the many people who enjoy a toke before a heavy […]

Germany Legalizes Possession of Small Amounts of Cannabis

A cloud of smoke hovered over Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on Monday night as marijuana enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the legalization of recreational cannabis in Germany. The landmark legislation, which came into effect at midnight, permits possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use, sparking both jubilation and concern across the nation. The German Cannabis […]

Truck Drivers Are Refusing More Drug Tests As States Legalize Cannabis

In light of the increasing legalization of marijuana across the United States, a recent federal report has unveiled a notable decline in positive drug tests among commercial drivers. However, this encouraging trend is juxtaposed against a significant rise in the number of drivers refusing drug screenings altogether. According to the report released by the Federal […]

How’s legal marijuana doing in Germany?

Last week, Germany finally legalized small amounts of marijuana. They didn’t set up a market just yet, so it’s only technically decriminalized in the country, but it’s still a huge moment for Europe. The specifics are that from April 1st on, Germany is allowing 18 year olds and older to possess up to 25 grams […]

Florida gets marijuana on the ballot for November

The Supreme Court in Florida has approved the ballot measure of legal recreational marijuana for the November election. The provision will need 60% of the vote to be approved. This is a big win for marijuana enthusiasts in the state, considering the Supreme Court leans heavily to the conservative side, and the state Attorney General […]

Kamala Harris Mentions Cannabis Reform For The First Time Since The Election

In a significant departure from the administration’s previous stance, Vice President Kamala Harris has openly called for the legalization of marijuana, marking a potential shift in policy as the November elections loom. Speaking to a group of cannabis pardon recipients at the White House, Harris asserted, “we need to legalize marijuana,” according to an attendee. […]

Biden doesn’t allow marijuana sales in Washington D.C.

While recently taking pride in his marijuana accomplishments during his State of the Union, President Biden continues to block recreational marijuana sales in Washington D.C.. This became apparent in the budget plan that Biden brought forth to Congress. In it, there’s a provision that doesn’t allow sales in the district. Frustratingly, this ban has remained […]

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