Why ESG is important to cannabis businesses and how to get started

Taking responsibility for your company’s environmental and social impact isn’t just a “nice to have.” In today’s business environment, it’s becoming a “must-do” that can dictate a company’s long-term success. That’s according to Marc Ross and Kim Napoli, two members of cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg’s new environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) practice. They […]

Concentrated CBD? THC-O? As states limit delta-8 THC, industry operators plan next steps

As state limits on hemp-derived delta-8 THC begin to impact sales for product manufacturers and retailers, businesses are considering how they will make up the gap. Delta-8 THC has taken the industry by storm over the past 18 months, as manufacturers, stuck with a glut of low-priced CBD distillate and isolate, synthesized the product into […]

Delta-8 THC gray area: Testing labs should lead on safety

Susan Audino This column first appeared in the MJBizDaily Science newsletter. Sign up for the monthly newsletters here. In an effort to boost a CBD-slumped economy, hemp producers are synthesizing delta-8 THC. They market their products to consumers who want the high typically associated with delta-9 THC in states or regions where delta-9 THC is […]

Marijuana: The Origin Story

It’s a fun little thought experiment to imagine the beginnings of the marijuana plant. The why, how, and where of it all. Why would a plant evolve into something that, when smoked, would make humans feel the way it does? And where did this whole thing start? A new study published on Friday answers at […]

Hemp could benefit from a pivot to regenerative agriculture, advocates say

Many farmers rushing in to profit from hemp over the past few years were burned badly. Some recorded massive economic losses because of the learning curve associated with the plant, others because contracts or processors fell through. Still more suffered crop loss, a perennial risk in agriculture. Hemp advocates are looking for ways to convince burned […]

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