Arkansas: High Court Approves Marijuana Legalization Measure for the November Ballot

The Arkansas Supreme Court issued a decision today ensuring that a statewide measure seeking to legalize the adult-use marijuana market in Arkansas, will appear on the November ballot.  After state officials verified  that proponents had gathered the requisite number of signatures from registered voters, the Board of Elections Commissioners voted to deny the measure’s proposed […]

Oklahoma: Court Rules that Voters Can’t Decide on Legalization Ballot Measure This Year

Justices on the state’s Supreme Court ruled late yesterday that voters will not have the opportunity this November to decide on a ballot initiative (State Question 820) legalizing marijuana for adults. In a unanimous decision, justices determined, “[I]t is not clear that Petitioners have a right to put SQ820 on the ballot at the next […]

House Judiciary Committee Approves Measures to Help Seal and Expunge Marijuana Arrests

Members of the United States House Judiciary Committee approved a pair of bills yesterday to help alleviate the lifelong collateral consequences associated with marijuana convictions. The committee, led by Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), voted in a bipartisan manner to advance the Clean Slate Act and the Fresh Start Act. (Representative Nadler is also the chief […]

Recent Polls Show Support for 2022 Legalization Initiatives

Recently released polls indicate that voters intend to vote affirmatively on several statewide measures to legalize the adult-use marijuana market. “Voters’ support for repealing cannabis criminalization crosses party lines,” NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano said. “That is why, historically, these ballot initiative efforts have been equally successful at the ballot box in both ‘red’ states […]

California: Governor Signs Legislation Providing Employment Protections for Cannabis Consumers

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a number of marijuana-related bills into law, including legislation protecting employees from workplace discrimination. Specifically, Assembly Bill 2188, makes “it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a person in hiring, termination, or any term or condition of employment, or otherwise penalize a person, if the discrimination is based […]

New Poll, A Large Majority Of Republican Senators Support A Variety Of Marijuana Reform

A large majority of Republicans have come out supporting a wide variety of marijuana reforms, a new poll shows. This also comes in the wake of GOP congresspeople talking about bipartisan reforms that directly affect the way the states approach marijuana. The survey, done by the National Cannabis Roundtable found that most Republicans support incremental […]

San Francisco is the next city in line to decriminalize psychedelics

Which city up or down the coast of California is next? For now, it’s San Francisco, whose Board of Supervisors have voted unanimously to decriminalize plant-based psychedelic drugs. This would include psilocybin, peyote (a controversial one), and ayahuasca, and leave out LSD. The bill would discourage law enforcement to enforce any restrictions on the plants […]

Advocates Condemn Gov. Newsom for Signing CARE Act into Law, Expanding Inhumane & Forced Court-ordered Treatment

By Signing SB 1338, Governor Newsom Signals His Favor of Forced, Court-Mandated Treatment of People with Substance Use Disorders and Other Behavioral Health Challenges Over Evidence-based Public Health Solutions Los Angeles, CA – September 15, 2022 – Yesterday, Governor Newsom signed SB 1338, The CARE Act, into law. The CARE Act aims to create a […]

Massachusetts: Court Ruling May Open the Door for the Mass Expungement of Prior Marijuana Convictions

A unanimous opinion recently issued by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts may result in facilitating the expungement of criminal records for thousands of residents with marijuana convictions. The ruling in Commonwealth v. K.W. clarifies that a 2018 state law provides judges with limited leeway with respect to denying requests for cannabis-related expungements. Rather, the […]

County in Alabama is jailing Pregnant Women for Marijuana-Use

Alabama is a state that takes its drug policy very seriously. That’s apparent in one county in particular that has an extremely harsh policy on pregnant women. In Etowah County, any pregnant or postpartum woman who is charged with endangering their fetus from drug-use is forced to complete a drug treatment program before their release. […]

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