White House Opposes Bill To Stop Testing Military Recruits For Marijuana

In a recent statement of administration policy, the White House has expressed its opposition to a proposal within the 2025 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that seeks to prevent military branches from testing for marijuana as a condition for enlistment or commissioning. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released the statement on Tuesday, highlighting […]

Japan Moves Ahead With Cannabis Reform, First Real Steps For Legalization On The Island Nation

Japan has officially commenced a public comment period for its landmark cannabis reform bill, offering a detailed glimpse into the future of its nascent cannabis industry. Announced on May 30, the government is now accepting input from interested parties on five key measures of the new legislation. Most notably, the preliminary proposals indicate that Japan […]

Kamala Harris doesn’t believe in the “Gateway Drug”

Vice President Harris continues her publicity campaign to make people like her more, and her latest stop was Jimmy Kimmel Live. The conversation moved into talk about cannabis, since the administration’s decision to move cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III is a big part of Biden’s push for support in the upcoming election. “You […]

Study finds CBD Effective for Depression and Poor Sleep

A larger study that was funded by Leiutis Pharmaceuticals shows some promising results for those using CBD to treat anxiety, depression, and sleep issues. “Our findings indicate that administering 300-600 mg of nanodispersible CBD oral solution for 12 weeks is effective in treating mild to moderate anxiety disorders and associated depression and sleep quality disturbances. […]

Martha’s Vineyard is running out of weed

Massachusetts legalized marijuana way back in 2016, but you wouldn’t be able to tell if you spend most of your time on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. There was one medical dispensary (which just recently closed) and one recreational dispensary on the land, but other than that it’s entirely free of weed. The reason for […]

Nearly 70% of Americans Support Cannabis Legalization

In a new Fox News poll, nearly seven in 10 voters, including a majority of Republicans, expressed support for the legalization of marijuana. This survey, released shortly after President Joe Biden’s announcement about rescheduling cannabis, shows 69 percent of registered U.S. voters favor ending marijuana prohibition, with 45 percent “strongly” supporting the reform. The poll […]

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