State Policy Weekly Update 6/24/2022

This week’s update highlights legislative developments in Arizona, California, Louisiana, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.  Arizona House Bill  2050 amends state law so that  honorably discharged veterans who have lived in Arizona for one year will no longer need to pay the $150 fee to the state to obtain a medical marijuana certification card. Instead, they would […]

Louisiana: Multiple Marijuana Reform Bills Signed Into Law; Measures Take Effect August 1

Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed multiple marijuana reform measures into law. Among them, House Bill 629 bars police from conducting a warrantless search of person’s place of residence based solely upon the odor of cannabis. Several other states that have either legalized or decriminalized the use of marijuana by adults have enacted similar […]

SAFE Banking Omitted from Scaled Back Version of America COMPETES Act

Despite being previously approved by the US House of Representatives, provisions of the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act — which allows banks and other financial institutions to more easily provide services to state-licensed marijuana-related businesses — will not be included in the final version of the United States Innovation and Competition Act (a/k/a […]

DEA Arrests for marijuana spiked in 2021

In some news that is slightly baffling, the DEA upped its confiscation game in 2021, up 22% in confiscation and 32% in arrests from the year before. However, as we all know too well, 2020 was an anomaly for most statistics, so it would be more accurate to compare 2021’s numbers to 2019. Even with […]

Analyses: Drug Interdiction Efforts at US Borders Typically Yield Only Small Quantities of Marijuana

Drug interdiction efforts along the US border often involve the seizure of small quantities of marijuana and no other substances, according to a pair of recently issued reports.  The first report, published by the Government Accounting Office (GAO), analyzed Border Patrol data of 17,960 separate checkpoint seizure events from 2016 to 2020. Authors reported that “most drug seizure events […]

California may put health warnings on Cannabis Products

Despite the overwhelming majority of positive experiences with marijuana, there is of course a potential to overuse the plant for a susceptible population. Studies have shown a link between marijuana and a higher risk of forming a psychiatric disorder, especially when using marijuana with very high THC levels, or smoking weed as a teen. This, […]

District of Columbia: Council Advances Legislation Prohibiting Most Employers from Discriminating Against Cannabis Consumers

Members of the DC City Council recently voted 13 to zero to advance legislation, the Cannabis Employment Protections Amendment Act of 2022, protecting those who use cannabis from facing discrimination in the workplace. The measure now awaits action from Mayor Muriel Bowser. The act then will undergo a Congressional review, as does all legislation passed […]

DEA Reports Significant Uptick in Marijuana-Related Seizures, Arrests

Federal law enforcement agents and their partners seized over 5.5 million cultivated marijuana plants and made more than 6,600 marijuana-related arrests in 2021, according to annual data compiled by the US Drug Enforcement Administration.  According to figures published in the DEA’s Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program Statistical Report, agents and their partners confiscated approximately 5.53 million […]

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