Updates on Marijuana Legalization in a few States

With the floodgates opening on legalization, there are a number of states that are at some point on the road towards legalization. So it feels like a good time to catch up the status of some of these. Hawaii Marijuana is on its way to basically becoming legal for old people in the state. A […]

New York: Lawmakers Advance Legislation to Expedite Adult-Use Cannabis Production and Manufacturing

Legislation that seeks to secure a smooth and timely transition to the adult-use marijuana market has been approved by members of the New York State Assembly and Senate. The legislation, A9283/S8084-A, authorizes already licensed hemp growers to obtain temporary conditional licenses to commercially cultivate and process cannabis for the state’s forthcoming adult-use market. Under the […]

NFTs are Coming to the Cannabis Industry

The NFT trend is coming to the cannabis sector. Cannabis companies all over the US and around the world are releasing non-fungible tokens which they hope will build hype over their new products. Some are saying that these NFTs are scams with minimal to no actual value for the product you are purchasing. Nevertheless, companies […]

What’s the Future of Marijuana Legalization in Oklahoma?

There are currently  three ballot initiatives and dozens of marijuana-related bills pending in Oklahoma. Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action (ORCA), the same group responsible for drafting the successful 2018 medical initiative, is seeking to place two initiatives on the ballot this fall.  SQ 818, known as the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Enforcement and Anti-Corruption Act, seeks […]

CBD in the NFL, what comes next?

Using CBD products has always been a controversial topic in major sports up until the last few years. With cannabis, CBD, and hemp legalization happening all over the US, more sports organizations are allowing players to use substances like CBD. According to Yahoo News, in the year 2022, CBD is now a legal substance for […]

Psychedelic Therapy Inside the Metaverse?

Up and coming psychedelic companies, forming pre-legalization, are inherently forward-thinking, so it doesn’t come as a major surprise that one of the larger companies is getting into the Metaverse property craze. What is a little more befuddling, however, is how they’re going to use that piece of virtual land. Ei.Ventures and Mycotopia Therapies are soon […]

According to new research cannabis is 114 times safer than alcohol

According to a newly released peer-reviewed study, Cannabis is roughly 114 times safer than its counterpart alcohol. According to Best Cannabis Answers, researchers from Germany and Canada compared the risk of various substances starting in 2015. The results of the last 7 years of testing showed that cannabis is considerably safer than alcohol. According to […]

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