Overheard at HIDC: 10 reasons hemp entrepreneurs can still be optimistic about the industry

Hemp isn’t a bust, despite the industry’s growing pains and all the headlines in the mainstream media that suggest otherwise. That’s the message Kristen Nichols, the editor of Hemp Industry Daily, had for entrepreneurs at the Hemp Industry Daily Conference Direct. “Everyone expected this industry to mature very quickly, but we saw a lot of […]

HIA names executive director, partners with industrial hemp group on marketing checkoff effort

The Hemp Industries Association has named former marijuana activist Jody McGinness as its new executive director. After a months-long search with nearly 100 qualified candidates, the national hemp association selected McGinness, a veteran association executive in the non-profit sector. McGinness last served as the head of fundraising for the Marijuana Policy Project, which advocates for  […]

‘Cash is king’ for expansion opportunities and Covid cushion: Q&A with Charlotte’s Web CEO Deanie Elsner

Corporate leaders in the CBD industry are increasingly coming from the consumer packaged goods universe, lending their experience and asking the hard questions to whip the nascent hemp industry into shape and navigate the enormous growth that entrepreneurs foresee in the market. Deanie Elsner joined Charlotte’s Web as CEO last year, bringing with her more […]

Overheard at HIDC: CBD, CBN ‘are coming in a big way’

CBD first that captured the attention of cannabis consumers, but other cannabinoids, such as CBG and CBN, may be ready to make a splash soon. That’s according to Blake Patterson, co-founder and CEO of MarketHub Retail Services, who took audience questions during at roundtable Wednesday at the Hemp Industry Daily Conference Direct. “CBD is just the […]

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