Exclusive: Hemp foods are a natural fit in the wellness space, says Manitoba Harvest founder Mike Fata

(This story has been updated to correct production volume and sales figures.) The wellness trend has taken hold among consumers, creating ample opportunities for hemp entrepreneurs. But what does this trend mean for foods made from hemp grain, and how can business leaders capitalize on consumers’ increasing interest in their health and wellness? Hemp Industry […]

Delta-8 THC confusion snags South Carolina retailer

A vape shop owner in South Carolina is challenging police over $5,000 worth of delta-8 THC products confiscated from his store. Robert Oggenfuss, owner of TSR Vape Shop in Clinton, says the products were derived from legal hemp. Authorities have not charged him with a crime pending lab analysis. “I want my product back so […]

Holding and pre-treating hemp and marijuana young plants before transplanting

(This is the fourth in a series focused on cultivation planning for marijuana and hemp growers. The latest installment is available here.) Conditions aren’t always ideal for hemp and marijuana growers to transplant young plants. Inclement weather, delayed labor or transplanting equipment and a host of other delays can leave cultivators facing a harrowing wait to get […]

UK deadline for CBD approvals nears

CBD edibles in the United Kingdom could be ripped from shelves unless manufacturers submit product-safety applications by Wednesday. Starting April 1, no CBD product on the U.K. market will be allowed to stay there without validation by food-safety authorities. The Food Standards Agency in London moved to stop the sale of unauthorized CBD foods in […]

Editor’s Notebook: States must take the lead in researching cannabis pollen transfer

Kristen Nichols This column appears in the March edition of Marijuana Business Magazine. Hemp entrepreneurs have made an art of talking up the plant to people who hate high-THC marijuana. They’re great at explaining how hemp is nonintoxicating and can accomplish great things for the planet, winning over even the biggest cannabis critics.  But the […]

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/26/21

Welcome to the latest edition of NORML’s Weekly Legislative Roundup! At the federal level, the SAFE Banking Act was reintroduced this week by Senators Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Steve Daines (R-MT), along with 27 other members of the Upper Chamber. The House companion was already reintroduced last week. Adult use marijuana legalization legislation died in […]

Project aims to build domestic hemp fiber supply chain – starting with 2,021 T-shirts

The U.S. hemp textiles supply chain has to start somewhere, so it might as well begin with T-shirts, according to one North Carolina-based apparel manufacturer. Developing a domestic hemp fiber supply chain in the U.S. could help create a transparent, sustainable, profitable industry that will pay farmers a living wage for their crops while avoiding […]

Losses narrow for Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc. lost $15 million last quarter, a narrower loss than the same period in 2019, as the company trimmed operating expenses and posted gains in both direct-to-consumer sales and B2B sales over the fourth quarter of 2019. Still, the CBD giant based in Boulder, Colorado, saw wider losses for 2020 overall compared […]

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