Congress Advances Legislation to the President Amending Clinical Cannabis Research Rules

Just over a week after a midterm election that saw voters in two states legalize cannabis for adults, Congress has approved The Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act. The Act seeks to facilitate the federal approval of cannabis-specific scientific research and drug development. It was approved by unanimous consent in the Senate after initially […]

Legal Marijuana Access Has Been Proven To Directly Decrease The Amount Of Lung Related Vape Injuries

According to a new study published within the last few months, legalizing cannabis is directly tied to lower risks of lung injuries from contaminated vapes. This research project was stemmed from a 2019 outbreak of lung injuries related to contaminated cannabis vapes. The researchers, those at John Hopkins, New York University and the American Heart […]

CBD Move Free is getting in the Sleep Business

Sleep is fastly becoming the number one reason people are turning to CBD and THC. They make that initial passageway into unconsciousness much smoother, despite the lack of REM sleep they allow your body to achieve later in the night. CBD Move Free, a brand that specializes in making CBD for stiff joints and muscles, […]

Marijuana Breathalyzers Might Be Coming Sooner Than One Might Think

There have been some significant advances within the last few months for a marijuana breathalyzer. This comes as more states choose legalization over prohibition, leading to more people driving while high. Although consuming marijuana and driving is still very illegal, many police officers around the country are having a hard time enforcing these rules due […]

The Rise of the Cannabis Industry Is Leading to Excessive Plastic Waste

With the boom of the marijuana industry, many more Americans are purchasing, consuming, and relaxing to the drug that’s been around forever. Unfortunately, the problem with this is that a large amount of the cannabis purchased comes with single use plastics. These plastics are often not reused and thrown away shortly after containing the product […]

Recreational Marijuana use is finally sanctioned in California

Yes, marijuana has been recreationally legal in the state of California for years now, but it has taken a new step this week by prohibiting employers from firing their employees for off-the-clock weed habits. The bill was signed on Sunday by Governor Newsom, but doesn’t go into effect until January 2024. Specifically, employers are not […]

San Francisco is the next city in line to decriminalize psychedelics

Which city up or down the coast of California is next? For now, it’s San Francisco, whose Board of Supervisors have voted unanimously to decriminalize plant-based psychedelic drugs. This would include psilocybin, peyote (a controversial one), and ayahuasca, and leave out LSD. The bill would discourage law enforcement to enforce any restrictions on the plants […]

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