Aaron Rodgers Takes A Psychedelic, Gets Some Backlash

Aaron Rodgers, an extremely talented quarterback for the Packers, has opened up about his experiences with psychedelics on Aubrey Marcus’s podcast. What started with a psilocybin experience on the beach transformed into a fascination with what other plants could do. That led him to ayahuasca, which was the real transformative experience for the athlete. In […]

One Indian Reservation is embracing Cannabis Over Alcohol

Native Americans, especially those in struggling reservations across the country, have had a pretty rough history with alcohol. It has damaged many communities and disproportionately affected young Native American lives over the rest of the population. So one community has put on the brakes and went a different direction: towards marijuana. Oglala Sioux Tribe in […]

Study: Use of Unregulated Synthetic Cannabinoid Products Falls Following Marijuana Legalization

Jurisdictions that legalize adult-use marijuana access experience a sharp decline in the public’s use of unregulated synthetic cannabinoid products, such as Spice and K2, according to newly published data in the Journal of Clinical Toxicology. NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano found the study’s results to be unsurprising. “The limited popularity of these products is a […]

NORML Remembers Tom McCain

With profound sadness, Peachtree NORML announced the passing of Tom McCain, the Executive Director Emeritus and long-time board member. After witnessing the devastating injustices of cannabis prohibition and the War on Drugs, Tom became a tireless advocate for legalization. He served as the Executive Director of Peachtree NORML for many years, retiring in 2019. Tom […]

House Members Advance Fast-Tracked Legislation to Amend Cannabis Research Rules

Members of the US House of Representatives voted last night in favor of legislation, “The Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act,” that seeks to facilitate cannabis-specific scientific research and potential drug development. Two-hundred and sixteen Democrats voted in support of the bill, as did 109 Republicans. Ninety-five Republicans voted against advancing the bill. It […]

Federal Lawmakers Fast-Tracking Legislation That Seeks to Further Facilitate Cannabis Research

Members of Congress are fast-tracking legislation, “The Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act,” which seeks to facilitate cannabis-specific scientific research and potential drug development. The House bill, which is scheduled for floor action this week, contains language that is similar to Senate Bill 253 — which Senate members unanimously passed in April. The Act provides […]

Truckers Still Can’t Smoke Marijuana

The confusion of crossing state lines – one with legal marijuana and one without – continues for the Department of Transportation. Some of their employees reside in states that prohibit testing for marijuana. However, the DOT, which regulates industries such as truck drivers and train operators, operates at a federal level, where marijuana is still […]

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