Arizona climate blamed for ‘off the charts’ THC failure in first hemp crops

Arizona producers might have geography to blame for joining hemp farmers across the country who have had to destroy their 2019 crops after the plants tested positive for elevated levels of THC. About 41% of the state’s hemp plants tested above the 0.3% legal THC limit, according to the Arizona Department of Agriculture’s Plant Services Division, […]

Kentucky will operate 2020 hemp program under existing rules

Kentucky plans to extend the state’s hemp pilot program for the 2020 growing season, effectively withdrawing its application to get federal approval for its regulations to grow the plant. Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles said Tuesday the state will use this year to transition the hemp program from pilot research to commercial production while continuing discussions […]

Too much of a good thing? EU health agency warns of possible THC exposure from eating large amounts of hemp foods

A European Union health agency is warning that eating hemp foods can cause elevated THC levels if ingested in high quantities, a troubling signal for hemp businesses in Europe and worldwide that are seeking assurances that hemp is safe to put in food and drink. The January report from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) […]

Italy sets THC limits, testing standards for hemp food

Italy put in place a THC limit for foods made from hemp’s grain, giving producers “long-awaited” guidance for bringing products to market. The Italy Ministry of Health set the maximum THC levels at: 2 milligrams per kilogram for flour, seeds and supplements derived from hempseed (grain). 5 milligrams per kilogram for oil derived from hempseed. […]

Hemp states running pilot programs in 2020 starting to ask for deadline extensions

Six state agriculture departments have opted to run their 2020 hemp production programs under the existing rules, and the number could grow as the spring planting season approaches and federal agriculture officials reject more state plans. Now those states want some assurances that their hemp farmers can harvest their plants under those same rules in […]

Drones top of mind for hemp producers considering artificial intelligence

Drones can give hemp farmers real-time information about their grows. (Photo courtesy of Parabug) (This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the January issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.) As the hemp industry increasingly looks to artificial intelligence to cut costs and improve yields, drones are top of mind for many entrepreneurs. The buzzing […]

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