House Lawmakers Advance Bipartisan Bill Facilitating Clinical Cannabis Research, Allowing Scientists to Access State-Approved Marijuana Products

Members of the US House of Representatives today approved legislation, HR 5657: The Medical Marijuana Research Act, facilitating clinical cannabis research by establishing a process whereby authorized scientists may access flowers and other products manufactured in accordance with state-approved marijuana programs. The bill also expedites the timeline during which federal officials must either approve or […]

Senate Unanimously Approves Legislation Providing US Attorney General with Greater Say in Cannabis Research Decisions

Legislation unanimously passed by members of the US Senate empowers the US Attorney General to facilitate clinical research trials involving cannabis. The action represents one of the very few occasions that members of the Senate have ever advanced a marijuana-related reform bill. Senate Bill 253: The Cannabidiol and Marihuana Research Expansion Act provides the office […]

Hemp Does Wonders for the Car Industry

Hemp is finding more and more purposes in the making of every day products, and ever since 2018 when the Farm Bill was signed into law, hemp is available for experimentation. We’ve seen it used in sneaker culture, we’ve seen it compete against steel, and now we’re seeing it gain a better footing in the […]

Papa Johns Launches New ‘Hemp Sticks’

In the UK and Russia, Papa Johns has unveiled a new menu item, the Hemp Sticks. These bread sticks made with hemp are made from their signature garlic pizza stick sprinkled with hemp seeds as the toppings. In Russia, the hemp sticks will include garlic sauce while in the UK they will also include mozzarella. […]

State Policy Weekly Update 2/25/2022

Here is NORML’s weekly update on state legislative activity. Highlighted Utah Legislation is currently pending, Senate Bill 195, expands qualifying conditions to include those experiencing acute pain that would otherwise be treated with opioids. Update: This week, the  bill passed the Senate and House. After a procedural reading, it advances to the House.  Send a […]

Hemp Reaches the Alternative Milk Industry

Those who are into milk alternatives are REALLY into milk alternatives. I mean this in a supportive way (having dabbled in the space myself) in that there are quite a few subgenres, and each person has their preference. One thing I have not tried that continues to gain notoriety is hemp milk. Although the taste […]

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