San Francisco is the next city in line to decriminalize psychedelics

Which city up or down the coast of California is next? For now, it’s San Francisco, whose Board of Supervisors have voted unanimously to decriminalize plant-based psychedelic drugs. This would include psilocybin, peyote (a controversial one), and ayahuasca, and leave out LSD. The bill would discourage law enforcement to enforce any restrictions on the plants […]

Singapore Olympic Star Suspended For Admitting to Taking Cannabis In Vietnam

Joseph Schooling, a Singapore Olympic star has recently been suspended for consuming cannabis while in Vietnam last May. The countries first gold medalist was suspended from competing in future games after admitting to consuming cannabis during his most recent trip. During the 2016 Rio Games, 27-year-old Schooling won the country’s first gold medal. Now, 6 […]

While Young Adult Marijuana Use Rose, Adolescent Use Plummeted

One distinction that is important to keep in mind during all of the news coverage about marijuana and psychedelic use reaching all-time highs is the one between “young adults” and “adolescents,” because those two data points are starkly different. Young adults were defined in the MTF survey as 19 to 30 year-olds. This age group is […]

Marijuana Leaf Actually Pressed into a Metal Band’s Vinyl

Sleep is a metal band that was active in the 90’s who have gained a pretty sizable following over the years. Their final album (at least until 2018 when they got back together), Dopesmoker, was never released on streaming platforms, but that’ll change on Friday. In additional to the digital release, the band will rerelease […]

New National Institution Of Health Study Shows How Pandemic Affected Drug Usage Amongst Young Adults

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), marijuana and hallucinogen usage among young adults aged 19-30 has increased significantly from 10 years ago. Within this study, it was also found that “past-month” vaping levels have rebounded from the early pandemic drop. The NIH also stated that the increases in marijuana and hallucinogen use is […]

NORML Op-ed: Concerns Over High Potency THC Products Warrant Greater Education, Not Criminalization

Those offering dire warnings about the alleged dangers of so-called ‘highly potent THC products’ – and demanding that these products be recriminalized – are taking their cues from an age-old playbook.  From the onset of criminal cannabis prohibition, criminalization advocates have sought to rationalize their position by greatly exaggerating the supposed strength of marijuana. In […]

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