Is Cannabis Production Bad for the Environment?

With legalization happening left and right, many are starting to worry about the environmental impacts it has on the planet. The expanding trend to cultivate, grow, and sell marijuana has pushed many into the growing market. But with all this marijuana production, some are left to wonder the impact it has on the environment regarding […]

Should Marijuana be Allowed in Professional Sports?

With marijuana legalization occurring in many states, many are starting to wonder if this will translate to professional sports. According to Leafly, only 22 out of the 124 teams in the four major pro sports (football, basketball, baseball, and hockey) are based in states that do not allow either medical or adult use cannabis. As […]

Delta-8 THC ruled to be federally legal by court

When the Farm Bill was enacted in 2018, it seems that not all of the information on the complex cannabis plant was known, and a loophole has formed in the shape of delta-8 THC, which also contains psychoactive components and legalized along with the rest of the hemp plant via that bill. Since the discovery […]

Cannabis Legalization Doesn’t Increase Alcohol, Nicotine, Pain Reliever Usage, Study Shows

Some new studies published by the University of Washington show that after marijuana legalization, consumption of other substances like alcohol and cigarettes fall significantly. This new study tested trends in alcohol, cigarettes, and non-prescribed pain reliever use amongst young adults aged 18-25. Some 12,500 young adults were studied, and results showed that contrary to popular […]

Poll: 69 Percent of Adults Support Legalizing Marijuana, Most Say It’s Less Harmful Than Alcohol

A super-majority of Americans say that the use of marijuana should be made legal for adults, and most respondents agree that it is less harmful to health than drinking alcohol, according to national survey data compiled by the market research firm SSRS. Sixty-nine percent of respondents – including 78 percent of Democrats, 74 percent of […]

Virginia: Gov. Youngkin Moves to Re-criminalize Personal Possession of Marijuana

Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin is seeking to re-criminalize certain activities specific to the possession of marijuana in Virginia.  The Governor has proposed an amendment in the nature of a substitute to SB 591 which would create two new misdemeanors for personal marijuana possession.  Currently, the personal possession of more than one ounce of marijuana by […]

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