State Policy Weekly Update 1/24/2023

Lawmakers in many states have started pre-filing marijuana law reform legislation and some sessions have already begun holding hearings. This week’s update highlights legislative developments in Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah.  CONNECTICUT The sales of legal marijuana flower and marijuana […]

New Study Raises Concerns Over Inhalation of THC-O

A new study published in the Journal of Medical Toxicology raises safety concerns about the inhalation of THC-O acetate. THC-O acetate, commonly known as THC-O, is a potent intoxicating cannabinoid that is produced following the chemical synthesis of hemp-derived CBD. The product is becoming increasingly marketed  on the internet and in unlicensed stores.  The study’s […]

Children Eating Edibles is up 1375%

The problem with the way marijuana edibles are being advertised is well documented at this point. There are still many places in the country where you can buy edibles that look like skittles, or gushers, or nerd ropes, or really anything. The obvious problem this creates is the attraction of a young audience. Seeing a […]

Autistic Children Show Signs Of Improvement After Consuming Cannabis Oil

According to a new study in Israel, children with autism spectrum disorders reported a significant improvement in their social communication skills only six months after treatment with cannabidiol-rich cannabis oil. Parents also reported a reduction in repetitive and restrictive behaviors in the children tested. The report was published in the Translational Psychiatry. Could cannabis be […]

10 Students At California Middle School Treated For ‘Cannabis Overdose’

10 Students at a Southern California Middle School have been treated for a possible cannabis overdose. According to reports from local officials, the students were found to be drowsy with glazed faces. The students were transported to local hospitals and tested for possible fentanyl contamination. None of the children were laced with the harmful drug […]

Cookies will start selling marijuana seeds

MJBizCon happened earlier this month, and being one of the most popular weed brands, Cookies was there to present. Berner, Cookies’ just-as-famous CEO, was also there, and while on the Main Stage, he spoke about how the company is looking to get into selling seeds. “I really want to start pushing home grow,” Berner said. […]

Rats keep eating all the seized marijuana in India

When the police of Mathura in India were asked to provide about 850 pounds of marijuana as evidence for a case in the Uttar Pradesh state, they came back empty handed and blamed it on the rats. “There’s a rat menace in almost all police stations. Hence, necessary arrangements need to be made to safeguard […]

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