Psychiatrists have had a major shift in their opinions towards Psychedelics

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University have found that over 80% of surveyed psychiatrists believe psychedelics have strong to moderate potential to treat mental health disorders. That’s a huge majority, and also a gigantic uptick from 2016, when a similar survey was conducted. Back in 2016, 54.2% of psychiatrists surveyed felt that psychedelics should be […]

Senators Advance Cannabis Banking Reform Bill for First Time

Members of the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs voted today to advance legislation, the SAFER Banking Act, which allows financial institutions to more readily establish relationships with state-licensed cannabis businesses. Although members of the House have passed an earlier version of the legislation — the SAFE Banking Act — on […]

NCAA Committee Introducing Legislation To Remove Marijuana From Banned Substance List

In a groundbreaking move, the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports has recommended legislation that would eliminate cannabis from the list of banned drug classes across all three NCAA divisions. The announcement, made on Friday, comes as a significant shift in the NCAA’s approach to drug testing, reflecting changing cultural and […]

Big crackdown on Marijuana Businesses in Oklahoma

The Oklahoman medical marijuana program has prospered in recent years due to its rather lax system to obtain a medical card. However, it’s still just medical, and that requires some hurdles that lots of people don’t want to go through. So the illicit market is just as strong. After an investigation that found untraceable marijuana, […]

Governor Desantis’s Biggest Backers Are Pushing Cannabis Legalization, But He Opposes It?

Tensions are rising in the Sunshine State as Florida’s pro-marijuana initiative, spearheaded by Smart & Safe Florida, inches closer to the ballot. However, there is no guarantee that it will make it there unscathed, as conservative forces, including Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and Republican ties, have thrown obstacles in its path. Moody, a staunch […]

Cocaine Is About To Surpass Oil As Colombia’s Top Export

In a surprising turn of economic fortunes, Colombia’s traditional status as a major oil exporter is under threat, with the cocaine industry rapidly gaining ground, according to a recent report from Bloomberg Economics. The shift is attributed to a lenient policy towards the coca crop industry, dating back to 2013, and an unexpected boom in […]

Massachusetts Adult Use Marijuana surpasses $5 Billion In Sales

Massachusetts’ burgeoning adult-use marijuana industry has reached an impressive milestone, with total sales crossing the $5 billion mark. This achievement comes amid strong momentum, despite earlier speculation about the resignation of the executive director of the state’s Cannabis Control Commission (CCC). Regulators in the Bay State have reported that adult-use cannabis sales continue to surge, […]

Reactions to the Rescheduling of Marijuana

While it is far from being official, it looks pretty clear that the Biden Administration’s plan is to reschedule marijuana as a Schedule III controlled substance in the ranks of steroids and ketamine. While that will be a mostly good sign for many businesses dealing with heightened Schedule I related taxes, there are also lots […]

Ricky Williams Wants The NFL To Treat Players With Cannabis

­Former NFL running back Ricky Williams, a prominent advocate for the use of cannabis and psychedelics, has expressed his optimism about the league’s evolving stance on cannabis but hopes the NFL will take a further step by allowing teams to treat players with marijuana after games. The NFL made significant changes to its marijuana policy […]

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