Why ESG is important to cannabis businesses and how to get started

Taking responsibility for your company’s environmental and social impact isn’t just a “nice to have.” In today’s business environment, it’s becoming a “must-do” that can dictate a company’s long-term success. That’s according to Marc Ross and Kim Napoli, two members of cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg’s new environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) practice. They […]

First Full Service Weed Delivery App opens on Apple Devices

Finally, you are able to go through the entire process of buying and receiving delivery of marijuana through one app. Eaze now allows full service within the app, wherever marijuana is legal. “Eaze has always been about using the latest developments in technology to make shopping for legal cannabis more accessible,” said Eaze CEO Rogelio […]

Cannabis Farms Thriving in the Extraordinary Canadian Heat

This heat dome over parts of the US and Canada has caused havoc with dangerously hot conditions, but apparently that’s just what the doctor prescribed for some Canadian weed farms. A village in Canada, Lytton, was destroyed by a wildfire, but the smoke in the air is helping conditions for nearby marijuana. “The plants actually […]

Apple allowing Weed Delivery on its App store

When it came to delivery services, it was never quite as easy and convenient in the marijuana world. You’d get the app, shop around, but would have to follow a link to a web browser in order to make any purchases. Certainly much easier than it’s ever been before, but other delivery services could simply […]

New Mexico’s Cannabis Regulation Act Takes Effect Tuesday, Officially Legalizing Possession & Home Grow, Sales to Follow in 2022

Comprehensive Legalization Law is the First Step in Repairing the Harms of Prohibition that Has Devastated New Mexico Communities for Decades Santa Fe, NM – With the New Mexico Cannabis Regulation Act becoming law tomorrow, Tuesday, June 29, Emily Kaltenbach, Senior Director for Resident States and New Mexico for the Drug Policy Alliance, released the […]

Supreme Court Justice Questions Whether Federal Ban on Marijuana Remains “Proper”

In a written statement issued today by US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, he called into question the US government’s authority to impose federal prohibitions on the state-licensed production and sale of cannabis. Justice Thomas, who is considered to be among the more conservative members of the Court, acknowledged, “The Federal Government’s current approach is […]

Meet the Newest CFO of Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. the current leader in the market for whole-plant hemp extract products just announced that they have taken on Wessel Booysen as their new Chief Financial Advisor. Booysen is a high-level executive with many years under his belt managing internal expansion and financial leadership. Prior to Working at Charlotte’s Web, he worked […]

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