Cannabis Marketing Pt. 2: The Candy Backlash

A craze that seems to have popped up and fizzled away just as fast is the whole candy edible boom. Of course, they’re still around, but the backlash has caused some lawsuits for copyright infringement. The latest in line to get in some legal trouble is “Medicated Skittles” and “Zkittlez,” both, obviously, for knocking off […]

California update: Hemp regulation bill remains a political hot potato dividing industry

This story first appeared at Marijuana Business Daily. Two bills in the California Legislature that would establish a new regulatory framework for hemp-infused goods – including CBD-laced foods and drinks – are poised to become law this year, which could jump-start the state’s nascent hemp industry and potentially give marijuana businesses an opportunity to expand […]

Tilray, Aphria complete blockbuster merger

Once-rival marijuana producers Tilray and Aphria completed their mega-merger, the new company announced Monday, forming one of the biggest diversified marijuana, hemp and beer companies in the world. The new company will operate under the Tilray corporate name, with shares trading on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol TLRY. The merger talks took more than […]

5 strategies for making cannabis-infused beverages

This is the fifth installment in an ongoing series offering tips and advice for marijuana and hemp extraction companies. The fourth installment is available here. Cannabis activists have been saying for decades that the plant should be regulated like alcohol. Now science is helping to make cannabis act like alcohol, too. Extraction scientists and formulators […]

US House Passes Bill To Normalize Adult-Use Cannabis Commerce

The SAFE Banking Act would improve the safety of legal marijuana marketplaces and foster more entrepreneurship in the emerging legal industry Members of the House of Representatives voted today in favor of a stand-alone piece of legislation, The SAFE Banking Act, to remedy the ongoing inconsistencies between state and federal marijuana laws. In a vote […]

What separates Canada’s slow weed growth with the US

Canada has had legal marijuana since 2018 nationally. And at first glance that looks like a much more progressive nation taking a stance well before the United States grew the courage. But at closer inspection, business isn’t quite booming like expected in the country. This seems to be due to a few reasons, and they’re […]

The state of weed stocks

What a rollercoaster year it’s been for our investing portfolio, huh? What began as a year where weed stocks such as Canopy Growth, Tilray, and Aphria exploded in popularity and probably made a few people lots of money if they timed it right, now has leveled out into a less optimistic landscape. The first reason […]

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