Hemp insiders brace for FDA’s CBD enforcement policy

Hemp and CBD leaders told Hemp Industry Daily what they hope to see in the FDA’s Enforcement Policy draft guidance, when the industry will likely get to see that document and what will happen to the industry if FDA regulatory guidance on CBD doesn’t come soon. (Click on the orange arrows to advance the slideshow.) […]

‘If you listen to the consumer, you’re going to be right’: Q&A with Neptune Wellness CEO Michael Cammarata

(This is an abridged version of a feature that appears in the July issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.) How did a dyslexic 13-year-old who learned how to program computers, manage a mainstream pop band and build and sell a national deodorant brand come to lead a cannabis business? Michael Cammarata, the CEO of Neptune Wellness […]

Peru opens the door to CBD medicines, with commercialization imminent

(A version of this story first appeared on Marijuana Business Daily.) Peru is giving hemp-derived medicines the green light, with commercialization imminent once the respective companies obtain the necessary import permits. Two hemp-derived products are registered as “cannabis-derived natural health products” in Peru. Toronto-headquartered Ramm Pharma, a company with medical cannabis manufacturing operations in Uruguay, […]

Canadian labeling, potency lawsuit includes CBD products

A CBD maker is among more than a dozen Canadian cannabis companies facing a labeling lawsuit. The lawsuit, filed in Alberta by consumer Lisa Marie Langevin, accuses the companies and their subsidiaries of selling products “with THC or CBD content levels that were drastically different” from what was advertised. Canada allows 15% variance for most […]

Odor complaints sparking talk of new ordinances in Colorado

Colorado officials who have long since settled how to zone marijuana cultivation to address odor complaints are starting to turn their sights to the hemp industry. Local authorities in Boulder voted this week to limit hemp businesses to three within a 500-foot radius, an attempt to address smell complaints related to the college town’s five […]

How to avoid heavy-metal accumulation in your hemp crop

(Editor’s note: This story is part of a recurring series of commentaries from professionals connected to the hemp industry. Derek Du Chesne is president of Exactus Hemp.) Let’s face it – the hemp industry is dealing with a huge problem, and it’s hurting everyone in the industry, especially growers and processors.  The problem in question […]

NY hemp company lands $100 million in acquisition restructuring plan

Multistate marijuana operator Acreage Holdings is getting $100 million to shore up a hemp-focused subsidiary, part of a restructuring announced Thursday with Canadian marijiana giant Canopy Growth Corp. Canopy announced plans tro acquire Acreage last year. The restructuring includes a loan from Canopy so that Acreage’s hemp subsidiary, called Acreage Hempco, can “participate in the […]

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