Big Marijuana Recall happening in Michigan

After testing for most products was botched over a three month period at Viridis Laboratories in Michigan, the state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency has issued a large recall. Notably, products that do not fall under this recall are “inhalable marijuana concentrate products” like vapes, live resin, and distillate. This could be devastating to some retailers in […]

Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman teaming to help legalize marijuana

Lots of businesses including Canopy Growth, Weedmaps, and Cresco Labs have started a pretty big campaign that advocates for weed legalization. Along with those giant businesses are Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman, and comedian Jessimae Peluso. Drawing attention to frustrating dichotomy between bipartisan civilian support and political gridlock, Seth Rogen says in a video “despite […]

When will cannabis ads be allowed on sites like Facebook and Google?

Advertising cannabis on tech giant sites like Google or Facebook is causing problems in today’s day and age. With many states legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana, people are wondering why they cannot advertise their marijuana products on these sites. This comes at a time when federal legalization is looming, the cannabis industry is booming, and […]

Canopy Growth buys edibles company Wana for $297 million

A pretty huge merger went under our radar last month, with Canopy Growth, the biggest marijuana company in Canada, buying up a Colorado-based edibles company Wana. They are the number one edibles brand in North America, so Canopy Growth’s interest is certainly warranted. This comes at a time where more and more Canadian companies are […]

Tommy Chong’s Cannabis Brand has a new president

Chongson Inc., the managing company for Tommy Chong’s Cannabis brand has named Jonathan Black as acting president. Jonathan Black holds a dual role as president and CEO of the Cheech and Chong Cannabis Company. In a statement by Tommy Chong, he said, “The timing and opportunity to lift the Tommy Chong Cannabis brand to the […]

Justin Bieber is now in the Cannabiz

Prerolled joints called “Peaches” are Justin Bieber’s way of breaking into the cannabis industry. The name is based off of a song from his last album, Justice. “I got my peaches out in Georgia (oh yeah shit), I get my weed from California (that’s that shit),” he croons on the song. He’ll be working with […]

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