Republican Representative Nancy Mace files another Marijuana Legalization Bill

Back in 2021, GOP Representative Nancy Mace from South Carolina made some headlines by creating her own Marijuana Legalization Bill. It was created specifically from a Republican perspective, where states would continue to regulate their own markets however they pleased. The new States Reform Act that she has filed would probably do the same, however […]

Ohio Lawmakers Believe Legalization Will Happen At The Ballot

A recent survey of Ohio lawmakers indicates that 54 percent of them believe voters will approve a ballot initiative next month to legalize marijuana in the state. This expectation is shared by both Democratic (63 percent) and Republican (52 percent) lawmakers, despite the GOP-controlled Senate’s recent resolution urging voters to reject the reform. The survey, […]

Canadian Cannabis Growers Are Switching To Growing Veggies And Other Produce

Canada’s cannabis industry, once hailed as a budding success, has faced persistent challenges due to oversupply and competitive pressures. As a result, some of the country’s largest cannabis cultivators are exploring alternative avenues to maintain profitability. These companies are now venturing into the realm of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental flowers as a strategy to diversify […]

An Alaskan Airlines Worker Has Been Fired After Testing Positive For Marijuana

A technician at Alaska Airlines, based in Washington State, who was terminated after testing positive for marijuana in a random drug test had his termination overturned earlier this month following a formal challenge. The worker, whose identity remains undisclosed, vehemently denied any knowledge of using cannabis and questioned how THC had entered his system. In […]

States That Legalized Marijuana Have Accumulated More Than $5.7 Billion In Tax Revenue Over 18 Month Period

The U.S. Census Bureau has unveiled its inaugural report on state-level marijuana tax revenue data, marking a significant step toward recognizing the cannabis industry as a legitimate sector of the economy. This comprehensive report covers an 18-month period, from July 2021 to the end of 2022, during which states collected an impressive $5.7 billion from […]

The Air Force Changed Their Marijuana Guidelines, Here Are The Effects

The United States Air Force has exceeded expectations in the number of enlistment waivers granted to recruits who initially tested positive for marijuana, according to a recent report by The Air Force’s policy change, announced last year, allows it to provide waivers to candidates who test positive for THC metabolites during their initial drug […]

Is the SAFE Banking Bill finally actually happening?

For the first time since it’s introduction in 2015, the SAFE (now SAFER) Banking Bill is making it’s way to a vote in front of the full Senate after passing the Banking Committee. It has a majority of bipartisan supporters in the Senate, so does this mean this will be a slam dunk? Unfortunately no. […]

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