Texas A&M to Receive $3.74 Million Grant to Research Hempcrete

Texas A&M has received roughly $3.94 million in funds for 3D-printed hempcrete research. This money is expected to be used to research and create resilient buildings with the new hempcrete material. Supposedly a alternative to the very environmentally unfriendly concrete, hempcrete could lower the environmental impact of construction all over the globe. This project is […]

Analysis: Cannabis Retailers Drive Economic Growth, Are Not Magnets for Crime

Licensed cannabis businesses stimulate economic growth and are not magnets for crime, according to an analysis commissioned by the city of Sacramento, California. Researchers assessed the impact of licensed cannabis businesses in the city of Sacramento. Consistent with prior studies, investigators reported that homes in close proximity to marijuana outlets experienced a greater rise in […]

Cannabis Smuggling at the Border Has Been Decreasing Due to Legalization in US

The marijuana movement in the US is heavily undermining the profits of the Mexican Cartel. As more states begin to legalize marijuana around the country, less marijuana is being smuggled across the border. According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), US seizures of imported marijuana began to decline in the year 2019 and has continued […]

Oklahoma: Governor Signs Legislation Temporarily Halting Any Further Expansion of State’s Medical Cannabis Industry

Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt has signed legislation into law (House Bill 3208) imposing a moratorium on the issuance of any new cannabis business licenses. As per the new law, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority will cease processing applications received for new licenses sought by prospective medical cannabis growers, processors and dispensary operators. The moratorium begins on […]

Is Cannabis Production Bad for the Environment?

With legalization happening left and right, many are starting to worry about the environmental impacts it has on the planet. The expanding trend to cultivate, grow, and sell marijuana has pushed many into the growing market. But with all this marijuana production, some are left to wonder the impact it has on the environment regarding […]

Nearly a Quarter of Senate Members Send Bipartisan Letter Urging Congressional Leadership to Keep SAFE Banking in Pending Legislative Package

A bipartisan group of 24 Senators stood up for public safety and for greater economic opportunities for legal cannabis businesses by sending a letter to leadership in both chambers of Congress asking them to include cannabis banking reform language in broad legislation currently being debated in conference committee. In February, the House of Representatives approved […]

Man Sells Weed Out of a Vending Machine, Makes $2k a day

Here’s some ingenuity in the weed industry. Despite, or perhaps due to, working on the illicit side of things. A local Detroit news station reports that a man’s house was raided after getting a tip that he was selling weed out of a vending machine outside the home. The vending machine itself looks very sophisticated […]

Cannabis Becomes America’s Fifth Most Profitable Crop Behind Wheat

According to High Times, cannabis has become America’s fifth most profitable crop. Last November, Leafly Holdings, Inc. released their first ever “Cannabis Harvest Report” which took an in depth look at cannabis production and sales in many legalized states. According to the report, “Cannabis is medically legal in 37 states, but for purposes of this […]

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