Massachusetts Governor Pardons Thousands With Marijuana Convictions

In a groundbreaking move, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey unveiled plans earlier in March to pardon individuals convicted of simple marijuana possession, potentially impacting hundreds of thousands of residents in the state. If approved by the Governor’s Council, the pardons would extend to all prior adult misdemeanor convictions for marijuana possession. “We’re talking about hundreds of […]

Roughly 80% Of Americans Live Close to a Dispensary, New Report From Pew States

In a recent analysis conducted by the Pew Research Center, it has been revealed that despite marijuana remaining illegal under federal law, an increasing number of Americans reside in states where its recreational use is permitted. The findings underscore a significant shift in public attitudes towards cannabis legalization, with 54% of the population now living […]

Cannabis Could Be an Alternative To Help Common Dog Skin Diseases

A recent case study conducted by researchers at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil suggests that cannabis oil, specifically full-spectrum CBD oil, may offer a viable alternative treatment for dogs suffering from discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE), a common autoimmune skin disease. Published in the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science, the study detailed the […]

U.S. Navy Changes Their Approach To Marijuana Testing

In response to the ongoing challenges facing U.S. military recruitment, the Navy has announced a significant shift in its approach to recruits who test positive for marijuana upon arrival at boot camp. Rear Adm. James Waters revealed this week that rather than immediately disqualifying such individuals, the Navy will now consider granting waivers, aiming to […]

House GOP Doesn’t want the Banking Bill to pass

An advisory committee over in the House run by Republicans is sounding the alarm about a banking bill and another marijuana bill that both have potential to pass. However, their lens comes straight from the 90’s in their views of weed. They claim marijuana is a “gateway drug” and that it’s the reason for an […]

If You Smell Like Weed, It’s Now Illegal To Enter North Carolina Court Rooms

A recent order signed by Senior Resident Superior Court Judge James Gregory Bell in Robeson County, North Carolina, has stirred controversy as it imposes a ban on individuals entering the North Carolina Superior Courts of Robeson County if they exhibit the odor of marijuana. Effective immediately, anyone with the scent of marijuana, THC, CBD, Hashish, […]

Germany finally legalizes marijuana, sort of

After years of delay and opposition in the parliament, Germany has passed a law that would allow recreational use of marijuana starting April 1st of this year. The law will allow 50 grams of possession (25 grams in public) and three plants for cultivation. Consumption will be allowed for anyone over the age of 18, […]

Elizabeth Warren Would love to smoke weed with The Rock

Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts just had a sweeping conversation with Pod Save America, and after fifty minutes, the discussion turned toward marijuana. First, she was asked if she basically has had any updates from the administration about where weed stands (she would like marijuana to be taken off the Controlled Substances list entirely). “Administration, […]

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