Study: Marijuana Legalization Laws Don’t Undermine Anti-Tobacco Smoking Efforts

State-level changes to the legal status of cannabis have not limited the effectiveness of anti-smoking efforts targeted toward young adults, according to data published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research. A team of investigators with Ohio State University and with Purdue University in Indiana assessed the impact of medical cannabis access laws and adult-use […]

Why ESG is important to cannabis businesses and how to get started

Taking responsibility for your company’s environmental and social impact isn’t just a “nice to have.” In today’s business environment, it’s becoming a “must-do” that can dictate a company’s long-term success. That’s according to Marc Ross and Kim Napoli, two members of cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg’s new environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) practice. They […]

Wisconsin considers turning hemp oversight to the feds

Pinched for cash and facing sharp declines in hemp growing and processing, Wisconsin may become the first state to relinquish hemp oversight to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Wisconsin will retain its state-run program through 2021 but may punt some hemp oversight to the federal government in future years because its program is losing money, […]

Concentrated CBD? THC-O? As states limit delta-8 THC, industry operators plan next steps

As state limits on hemp-derived delta-8 THC begin to impact sales for product manufacturers and retailers, businesses are considering how they will make up the gap. Delta-8 THC has taken the industry by storm over the past 18 months, as manufacturers, stuck with a glut of low-priced CBD distillate and isolate, synthesized the product into […]

Oregon sending marijuana inspectors to hemp grows

Oregon is sending commercial marijuana inspectors (and possibly the National Guard) to hemp fields to look for illicit marijuana. The change comes after Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a new law to define delta-8 THC as an “adult-use cannabinoid” and to open the door to considering the THC isomer an “adulterant.” The law bans the […]

How cannabis growers are using technology to be more productive, cut costs

Cannabis cultivators are using technology to reduce water and energy use, cut down on labor costs and increase yields and quality. Here are examples of the technology that marijuana and hemp growers are using to make their facilities more productive: Sensors to help control irrigation and fine-tune lighting. Systems that can remotely control a grow-room […]

Hemp bioplastics startup expanding to former Pennsylvania textile mill

A Pennsylvania company that makes hemp bioplastics is set to take over a former textile mill thanks in part to some investment from the state. Sivana Converting purchased part of the mill in Sunbury, in central Pennsylvania. Sivana plans to make hemp-based biodegradable plastic food containers, cups, plates, and straws for the commercial market. “We […]

Study: Cannabis Use Not Linked to Motivation Loss

Marijuana use by teens is not independently associated with an increased risk of  so-called ‘Amotivational syndrome,” according to longitudinal data published in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society. A team of researchers affiliated with Florida International University assessed the association between cannabis use and motivation in a cohort of 401 adolescents (ages 14 to […]

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