Ohio: Regulators Approve Dozens More Applicants to Operate Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Qualified patients will have significantly greater access to medical cannabis products in the coming months following regulators decision to approve 70 new medical cannabis dispensary operators. Regulators reviewed over 1,500 applications. A list of the newly approved dispensaries is available online here. Currently, there are fewer than 100 state-licensed dispensaries operating in the state. “This […]

Delta-8 THC ruled to be federally legal by court

When the Farm Bill was enacted in 2018, it seems that not all of the information on the complex cannabis plant was known, and a loophole has formed in the shape of delta-8 THC, which also contains psychoactive components and legalized along with the rest of the hemp plant via that bill. Since the discovery […]

State Policy Weekly Update 5/20/2022

This week’s update highlights legislative developments in Delaware, Rhode Island, Louisiana and Massachusetts!  California  AB 2188, which protects the employment rights of cannabis consumers, heads to the assembly floor. The bill bans employers from denying jobs or firing employees based solely upon a positive drug test for inactive metabolites of THC. Send a message of […]

Study: Young Adults’ Consumption of Alcohol, Cigarettes, Other Substances Fell Following Marijuana Legalization

Retail cannabis sales are associated with decreases in the use of alcohol, cigarettes, and pain medications by young adults, according to data published in the Journal of Adolescent Health. Researchers with the University of Washington assessed trends in alcohol, nicotine, and non-prescribed pain reliever use among a cohort of over 12,500 young adults (ages 18 […]

State Policy Weekly Update 5/13/2022

This week’s update highlights legislative advancement in California, Delaware, Louisiana, New Jersey, and more! California  Pain patients rights legislation, AB 1954, passed through the committee process and now heads to the Assembly floor. This bill prohibits a physician and surgeon from automatically denying treatment or medication to a qualified patient, as defined, based solely on […]

Company Introduces Psychedelic Shrooms in Nasal Spray

Madrigal Mental Care, a biopharmaceutical company from Israel, has announced a nasal spray with the purpose to treat PTSD and anxiety. Nanoparticles of psilocybin are in the spray, along with ketamine and MDMA. The spray will be introduced fully at the Biomed Israel 2022 conference taking place May 10-12 in Tel Aviv. Hopefully we’ll get […]

State Policy Weekly Update 5/6/2022

This week’s update highlights legislative advancements in several states, including Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.  Colorado Senate Bill 099 streamlines and expands the record sealing process for those with marijuana-related records. This legislation also provides employment and tenant protections for those whose records have been sealed.. Update: Members of the […]

Roe v. Wade Debate is tied to Drug Decriminalization

The abortion debate has been raging in the American discourse for the past couple days due to a draft majority opinion paper leaked from Justice Samuel Alito. His opinion is that Roe v. Wade went too far in its decision, and the right to individual autonomy is more limited than was previously debated. “These attempts […]

State Policy Weekly Update 4/29/2022

This week’s update highlights legislative advancements in several states, including Kentucky, Virginia, Vermont, Tennessee, and Kansas.  Vermont Current state law in Vermont provides a THC cap of 30 percent for cannabis flower and 60 percent in solid concentrates. Such caps are arbitrary and are not in the best interest of cannabis consumers, especially medical patients […]

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