Hawaii Police Department Conducts First Cannabis Impaired Driving Green Lab

As Hawaii debates the legalization of cannabis, West Hawaii traffic enforcement unit commander Sergeant Thomas Koyanagi has taken a proactive approach to prepare for potential challenges. Observing an increase in traffic crashes in states that have legalized marijuana, Sgt. Koyanagi decided to enhance the capabilities of his officers by introducing advanced roadside impairment detection education […]

Maryland Looking To Become A Leader In Cannabis Research Over The Next Few Years

Maryland boasts over 118,700 registered medical marijuana patients and sees more than 1.2 million medical and recreational dispensary transactions monthly, according to the Maryland Cannabis Administration. Marijuana sales significantly contribute to small businesses, public health programs, and the state’s general fund. July 1 marked a year since Maryland legalized recreational cannabis for adults, and seven […]

Florida Medical Marijuana Patients Receive Desantis Emails Praising His Non-Medical Marijuana Accomplishments

Florida, home to over 700,000 medical marijuana patients, is facing a privacy outcry after the Department of Health sent a mass email to these patients extolling Governor Ron DeSantis’ recent budget accomplishments. DeSantis, a Republican who is opposing a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana, aimed to showcase his administration’s achievements. The email highlighted a cancer […]

Are pesticides getting in marijuana in California?

A report by the LA Times that claims to have tested cannabis products with high levels of pesticides has sent shockwaves through the industry here in California. There is a threshold for exposure to pesticides within a single product, and the investigation found much higher levels in multiple products. This immediately calls to question how […]

Cannabis not brought up during debate, but beforehand

Well that debate was certainly hard to watch. And made even harder with no mention of cannabis throughout its 90-minute runtime. However, it seems like maybe touting the administration’s approach to marijuana was part of the plan of accomplishments, considering a webpage was introduced to Biden’s website on the day of the debate. On the […]

NCAA Athletes Can Now Smoke Marijuana

Effective immediately, basketball players in Division 1 NCAA teams are able to smoke marijuana without any repercussions. The plant has been removed from the banned substances list. Five months ago this rule change was proposed, arguing that cannabis is not a performance enhancing drug therefore should be allowed recreationally, similar to alcohol. “The NCAA drug […]

Shocker, weed doesn’t really help with Covid-19

Cannabis research is a long and windy road. There was a time where some studies were potentially pointing to a better outcome for Covid patients who ingested cannabis by reducing inflammation and lung damage. But with more time and attention brought to the studies, it seems that was a bit of a pipe dream. A […]

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