Here’s how Marijuana fared in the Election

Here’s how Marijuana fared in the Election

As we’ve anticipated, some new states now have legal marijuana.

Although it wasn’t the blowout that I was hoping for, the news is mainly good for drug and marijuana legalization across the country.

The first state to receive legal weed by a huge margin is Maryland, with 65% of the population voting in favor. Missouri followed closely behind with 53% of voters saying yes to weed.

Things got less favorable in the Dakotas, with both North and South Dakota voting against marijuana legalization. This comes after North Dakota voters had already legalized marijuana and the initiative was struck down in a legal technicality. 55% in North Dakota, and 53% of the population in South Dakota voted against legalization.

The next state that struck down the ballot measure is Arkansas, with 55.81% of voters voting against. There was a large opposition effort in the state that has clearly been very successful.

The next big ballot measure in the country happened in Colorado, with voters deciding on psychedelic decriminalization and fungi therapy programs. While the measure is leaning in favor of a Yes, the count is still too close to call. Still, this would be huge for Drug decriminalization activists, and things are looking good.

Finally, cities in Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin voted on marijuana legalization. All 8 cities in Wisconsin voted in favor, and all 5 cities in both Texas and Ohio voted for decriminalization. On the city level, it was a great night for marijuana.

While it was a bit of a mixed bag for the states, overall the night was a step forward for marijuana legalization across the country.

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