Germany finally legalizes marijuana, sort of

Germany finally legalizes marijuana, sort of

After years of delay and opposition in the parliament, Germany has passed a law that would allow recreational use of marijuana starting April 1st of this year.

The law will allow 50 grams of possession (25 grams in public) and three plants for cultivation. Consumption will be allowed for anyone over the age of 18, unlike 21 here in the US.

They will also allow cannabis social clubs with a limit of 500 members to start in July.

It’s been a long road for Germany, and the specifics of the bill are interesting compared to what we have here in the states. For one, Cannabis clubs are a unique way to allow recreational smoking, and it’ll be interesting to see what the younger age minimum’s impact will be.

A noteworthy absence is that of any opportunity for sales, which was initially a part of the bill, but received enough pushback from the EU that it had to be stripped of the language. We’re now left with something inbetween full legalization and decriminalization.

If anything, this looks to be a trial run for the country, where they can return later with more liberal amendments.

Congrats Germany!

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