Football Players Still Existing in a world of Banned Marijuana

Football Players Still Existing in a world of Banned Marijuana

Recently, there have been some examples of football players commenting on marijuana in different forms. But there’s one through-line: they can’t smoke it.

It’s something to remind ourselves of, considering most of the country at least has options for medicinal purchases. And also, despite some loosening of the rules recently, that the NFL still has a long way to go in its views of “performance enhancing”.

The first reference came from JJ Watt on the podcast “Pardon My Take”. He discusses how much he’s looking forward to doing it now that he’s announced his retirement from football.

It’s a charming little clip, considering he comes off like a 5th grader excited to smoke weed with his big brother for the first time.

The second clip is from Travis Kelce’s hosting gig on SNL. In his monologue, he jokes about getting kicked off the football team in college for smoking weed.

The moment is obviously played for laughs, but again serves as a reminder that marijuana is completely off limits to a large portion of the country.

Luckily, the Kelce clip is about college, so a little bit dated. Hopefully, the sentiment in both of these clips will feel extremely dated sooner rather than later.

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