Colorado’s Favorite Products of 2018

Colorado’s Favorite Products of 2018

The Colorado cannabis-infused-product market is growing quickly. According to the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED), 34 new Marijuana Infused Product (MIP) licenses were issued between January and June of 2018. During that six-month period, dispensaries sold 13.8% more edibles and 94.6% more concentrates than in the same 6-month period of 2017—a huge increase in such a short period of time.

We’ve put together a list of some of the newest Colorado cannabis-infused products that are worth checking out.

incredible Wellness Tinctures

(Courtesy of incredible Wellness)

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Reliable dosing has become a major selling point in Colorado. Companies are releasing products guaranteed to provide a faster onset and consistent dose. incredible Wellness Tinctures, introduced in November 2017, is a good example of this trend. Developed with a mission to provide consumers with trustworthy products in discrete formulas, incredible tests every single product for potency, purity, and dosing accuracy.

The formulation combines cannabis with natural nutraceuticals to provide a targeted product. incredible Wellness Tinctures are available in a wide variety of strengths, THC:CBD ratios, and prices on both the medical and recreational sides.

CRx Live Resin Cartridge

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One of the biggest innovations this year was the development and refinement of live resin vape pens. We mentioned two of the best, Green Dot Labs FSE cartridges and the Binske Live Resin cartridges, in Leafly’s 2018 Colorado Best in State. Another excellent offering is the CRx Live Resin Cartridge, released by Concentrate Remedies at the end of 2017. The cartridge is filled with strain-specific, butane-extracted live resin. The 500mg cartridge retails for $40 to $50.


(Courtesy of Joygum)

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We haven’t had a cannabis-infused chewing gum in Colorado in a hot minute. That all changed with the release of Joygum in October 2018. Infused with 10mg per piece, the THC in Joygum is absorbed through your mouth as you chew for fast-acting, long-lasting effects. The gum is available in Lemon Mint and Watermelon Spearmint flavors. It costs around $20 to $24 for a 10-piece pack.

Grainwave by Ceria

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As the cannabis industry strives to become accessible to non-traditional customers, manufacturers are creating products with a wider appeal. Ceria beers are a good example of this. Although it’s illegal to combine THC with alcohol, the folks who developed Blue Moon beer came up with a perfect solution—alcohol-free, THC-infused beer.

Ceria beers cost $7.95 for a 10-oz bottle and contain 5mg THC. Grainwave, their Belgian-style white ale, hit the shelves on December 21 and sold out almost immediately. Check back in early 2019 to get yours!

CBD Luxe Inhalers

(Courtesy of CBD Luxe)

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In 2018, several companies formulated products with added mood-enhancing terpenes and extracts. Colorado-based CBD Luxe Inhaler is a good example. They add organic extracts to their inhalers to create three mood-enhancing formulas: Be Alert (1:1 THC:CBD with spearmint and lemon), Be Calm (1:7 THC:CBD with lavender and chamomile), and Be Clear (7:1 THC:CBD with no additives). The 30ml, 1000mg inhaler retails for $80 to $85.

CBD Luxe also makes a full-spectrum-hemp-oil CBD version of the inhaler. You can find it at Canvas Organics, a Denver-based storefront that specializes in THC-free versions of popular cannabis-infused brands.

GoFire Health Suite

As consumers become knowledgeable about dosing, they are demanding consistency in products. The much-anticipated GoFire Health Suite, available in stores in early 2019, will answer those demands. Developed in Denver with the help of CanopyBoulder, the GoFire Health Suite is structured around an inhaler/SMART cartridge combination that delivers cannabinoids in 2.5mg increments, with an app to track use and monitor dosing. Scannable DoseCodes, available on select cannabis-infused products, allow the app to tell you exactly what’s in each dose.

The GoFire Inhaler will retail for $499, but you can pre-order here and get a $150 discount.

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