How to Find the Right Cannabis Dispensary in Oklahoma

Oklahoma cannabis is booming. With no restrictions on qualifying conditions and huge possession limits, you’d think recreational users would be taking advantage of Oklahoma’s medical program in droves. However, according to budtenders, most of Oklahoma’s patients are in clear medical need. At Ringside Medical in Oklahoma City, 80% of their patients have debilitating conditions. The Rabbit […]

Can’t Find Cannabis in Colorado Springs? Pueblo Has You Covered

Pueblo, Colorado, is a great destination for cannabis tourism. They get a lot of customers from Colorado Springs (which prohibits recreational dispensaries) as well as tourists from Oklahoma and Texas. Just forty miles south of Colorado Springs, dispensaries in Pueblo offer a better selection and lower prices than those in Manitou Springs, which is actually […]

Ease Back With These Infused Teas and Coffee From Colorado

It’s ski season in Colorado—the perfect time to enjoy a nice hot beverage by a crackling fire. Before spring melts the snow, ease into a steaming cup of comfort with a touch of elevation. Colorado offers some wonderful cannabis-infused beverages in both THC and CBD varieties, including CBD-infused whole coffee beans produced right in Boulder. […]

Infused Decadence at the Coda Signature Chocolate Factory

Coda Signature’s truffle collections are all about building on that experience. For example, the Crescendo collection, centered around a musical term that means “steadily increasing intensity,” starts with Juniper Lemon truffles (white chocolate with delicate flavors), moves to Earl Grey truffles (milk chocolate with a richer flavor), and finally builds to Burnt Caramel truffles, which […]

Your Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Colorado

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your main squeeze or treasured friend, you can’t go wrong with these cannabis-infused Colorado selections. Long-Stemmed Bud Bouquets (Courtesy of Boulder Wellness Center) If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your cannabis-lovin’ Valentine and you live near […]

Cannabis in Colorado: Spotlight on Trinidad Dispensaries

Just 14 miles from New Mexico, 113 miles from Texas, and 116 miles from Oklahoma, Trinidad is a major canna-tourism destination. That’s how Trinidad, Colorado can support 30 dispensaries—even though their population is only about 8,000 residents. Unlike many other towns, Trinidad allows dispensaries to set up shop right next to each other. Because of […]

Quell Your Sweet Tooth With Colorado’s Favorite Gummies

In Colorado, we love cannabis-infused gummies! Just about every infused product manufacturer in the great Centennial State makes a gummy candy. But which one should you choose? Here’s the low-down on some of the top gummy brands and what makes them special. Altus Gummies Look for it on these menus: What’s makes them special: Real […]

Colorado’s Favorite Products of 2018

The Colorado cannabis-infused-product market is growing quickly. According to the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED), 34 new Marijuana Infused Product (MIP) licenses were issued between January and June of 2018. During that six-month period, dispensaries sold 13.8% more edibles and 94.6% more concentrates than in the same 6-month period of 2017—a huge increase in such a […]

Best in State: The Top Cannabis Locations, Products, and Activities in Colorado in 2018

Our Best in State series spotlights the top cannabis dispensaries, companies, products, and activities in the largest cannabis markets in 2018. The Colorado cannabis industry is growing up. Some Mom & Pops are fading away, while others are automating and expanding to keep up with the changing market. Well-established Colorado companies are beginning to license […]

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