NHL Alumni Study Centres on CBD, Puts THC on Ice

When Glenn Healy, head of the NHL Alumni Association, recently announced that a hundred retired players would be given CBD in a study examining the compound’s possible role in treating pain and post-concussion neurological disorders, many former athletes celebrated—especially those struggling with depression, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), and dementia from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). But […]

What Getting High Alone Can Teach You About Yourself

A Canadian study published last month in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review looked for differences between people who consume cannabis socially versus those who consume cannabis solo, and found: Compared to individuals reporting their most recent cannabis-using occasion as social, solitary users were significantly more likely to screen positive for psychosis, endorse more symptoms […]

What Types of Pain Can Cannabidiol (CBD) Treat?

Pain, when used as an umbrella term, is more vast than the Pacific Ocean. Using CBD to treat pain can be effective only under the pretense that the type of pain is well-understood and properly diagnosed. Most of us have crossed paths with the loud, piercing, cuss-worthy persona of acute pain: an elbow dings the […]

Bill Improving Access and Affordability to New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program Passes State Legislature

Statement from DPA’s Jessica Gelay: “Patients will have better access to medical cannabis and important civil protections if this bill is signed into law.” Santa Fe – Today, Senate Bill 406 passed the House Floor (50-15); the bill previously passed the Senate 33-2.  SB 406 now goes to Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham for consideration. The measure, […]

SXSW Cannabis Headliner Draws Crowds and Protest

With a record 63% of Americans now supporting cannabis legalization, federal prohibition could fall by the end of 2019 or early 2020, former US Speaker of the House John Boehner told a packed house at SXSW in Austin on Friday afternoon. The former GOP leader, who joined the board of cannabis company Acreage Holdings last […]

New Mexico Bill to Create State-Run Dispensaries Appears Dead

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — A proposal that would make New Mexico the first U.S. state to set up government-operated marijuana stores appears dead in the current legislative session. RELATED STORY New Mexico Could Sell Cannabis Through State-Owned Shops Sen. John Sapien, a Bernalillo Democrat, said Thursday lawmakers still have questions about the measure with […]

How Vegas Chefs Use Cannabis to Unwind and Get Creative After Hours

Chef Dan Krohmer opened Other Mama four years ago in Las Vegas, and the venture quickly got enthusiastic reviews and drew enough business to pay for itself within the first year. The establishment was instrumental in bringing attention to the local neighborhood dining scene that’s currently exploding off the Strip, away from big resorts, celebrity chefs, and […]

Sex After 50: Can Cannabis Increase Sexual Satisfaction?

Can cannabis bring you to another world, help you discover the truth about love, lift you to a higher place, while also increasing your libido? All signs, and the evidence point to: yes. The era of prohibition boasts stories of the ‘sexually charged adolescent’, who whilst trying cannabis, is no longer able to satiate an uncontrollable […]

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