Your Guide to Lincoln City, Oregon Dispensaries & Cannabis Hotspots

Your Guide to Lincoln City, Oregon Dispensaries & Cannabis Hotspots

Planning a trip along the Oregon coast? Cannabis isn’t always easy to find out here, but this guide to Oregon’s coastal cannabis dispensaries will make it a breeze. Explore your cannabis options by city or plan your road trip through each city for the full experience.

A third of the way down Oregon’s coast on the 101, you’ll hit Lincoln City—a dispensary-dense community that wins my pick for this part of the state.

While Lincoln City is a strip-mall-heavy town amidst strip-mall-heavy towns—similar to Tillamook to the north and Florence to the south—it stands out for hosting several shops that are exceptional in different ways.

Pipe Dreams will win you over with its saloon-styled social trappings and top-notch top shelf, while Pacific Wave Resource Center sells some of the cheapest edibles in the state, and Sunray curates a menu representing Oregon’s most celebrated, cup-winning cultivars.

Best Atmosphere: Pipe Dreams

1745 SE Highway 101, Lincoln City, OR

(Matt Stangel for Leafly)

Pipe Dreams is one of the few shops in Oregon that puts as much emphasis on a social atmosphere as it does quality products and welcoming service.

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Upon entering Pipe Dreams and being greeted with a free, first-timer door prize (I got the grinder!), you’ll notice that the proprietors have put a fair amount of effort into making their shop look and feel more like a saloon than the utilitarian, liquor-store shopping experience you’ll catch at many adult-use cannabis retailers.

The shop’s most obvious connection to America’s beloved watering hole is a full-sized, playable pool table, a social perk that you’ll pass on your way to the main attraction—a regal wooden bar that serves as a bud station, complete with comfy stools, a bright countertop, and a wall of flower options displayed at eye-level like bottles of liquor.


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Of course, a great dispensary is not built on aesthetics alone. Pipe Dreams’ menu is populated by some excellent, rarer, small-batch test runs from Pistil Point—a treat amidst the many coastal shops that stock the Portland-based indoor operation’s more popularized, full-canopy runs of Zkittlez and Mendo Breath.

Other top-shelf flower producers included Trichome Farms, Wee, and Frontier Farms, with grams priced up to $14.40 each. While this is a little expensive next to the area’s budget-focused dispensaries, Pipe Dreams’ allure is less about the most competitive value propositions and more about excellent product options in a welcoming, social atmosphere.

Best Value: Pacific Wave Resource Center

1543 NW 19th St, Lincoln City, OR

(Courtesy of Pacific Wave Resource Center)

Not far down the street is a shop with a decidedly different vibe: Pacific Wave Resource Center, where on Friday afternoons you’ll find the budtender blasting Peaches while performing triage on an endless line of locals—folks picking up their weekend routine before heading home to enhance.

View Pacific Wave’s Menu

Given Pacific Wave’s value-positive menu—composed of more than a dozen flower options priced from $3 to $5 per gram—this is where I’d look for deals in Lincoln City.

Pacific Wave achieves their low price points by growing much of the flower they sell, while operating a vertically-integrated processing facility in tandem with their farm—transforming their house flowers into a proprietary line of edibles, with 50mg cookies kicking things off at $6 a piece.

Cup-Winning Flower Selection: Sunray Cannabis

1347 NW Highway 101, Lincoln City, OR

(Courtesy of Sunray Cannabis)

Sunray Cannabis deals in flowers grown by some of Oregon’s most celebrated farms, while branching out to incorporate budget options as well as a generous selection of concentrates.

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When I stopped in, featured was 2018’s Cultivation Classic first-place indoor THC winner, Voyager 1 by 7 Points (full disclosure: I was a judge for this cup competition) plus Yerba Buena’s Do-Si-Dos (a personal favorite), as well as wider lineups from Tree Frog and Sofresh.

Budget flowers run $3 to $5 per gram, though the selection is slightly more limited than that of Pacific Wave, but only by a hair—so this is another great option if you wanna get stoned on the cheap.


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Another draw at Sunray is their wide menu of concentrates—the second most comprehensive stockist in town next to Lincoln City Collective—with the bulk of the choices priced at less than $25 per gram, including some tasty-looking live resins.

Widest Menu In Town: Lincoln City Collective

1266 SW 50th St, Lincoln City, OR

(Courtesy of Lincoln City Collective)

While many of the standout products found on Lincoln City Collective’s menu can be located elsewhere in town, this dispensary has assembled the widest selection of the pack and is probably the most competitive where top-shelf value buys are concerned.

View Lincoln City Collective’s Menu

Though the flower selection is competitive, Lincoln City Collective distinguishes itself from nearby cannabis shops with its concentrate and edibles menu.

Junk Dynamites by Lief Goods—that’s brandspeak for stony pop rocks—are one of the more entertaining novelties available; imbued with nostalgia and enough THC to put you back in your chair. But it’s not all fun and throwbacks: multiple tincture and capsule options are stocked, creating some choices for folks with medicinal or therapeutic intentions.

And don’t get me started about the concentrates: peep all 150 options right here.

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