Would You Co-Work at ‘Paragon’ — Hollywood’s WeWork of Cannabis?

Would You Co-Work at ‘Paragon’ — Hollywood’s WeWork of Cannabis?

The first-ever shared workspace for cannabis businesses in Los Angeles opened its doors with a splashy party on August 30th. ParagonSpace is a modern, sleek-looking complex with all of the attributes of any normal co-working space—the big difference is, you won’t get in trouble for lighting up here. Tokers can head to the airy outdoor courtyard at the heart of the weed-friendly workspace while they do business.

ParagonSpace is the brainchild of Paragon CEO Jessica VerSteeg, a 30-year-old former beauty queen (Miss Iowa 2014) and reality TV contestant (The Amazing Race). She and her business-partner husband Egor Lavrov purchased the 4,300-square-foot, four-building office complex entirely with ParagonCoin, the cryptocurrency they launched in 2017.

Resplendent in a white pantsuit paired with a radiant smile, VerSteeg welcomed guests from all walks of the weed industry to the lifted launch event. Here’s an inside look at the evening.

Free Cannabis — What A Time to Be Alive

The well-stocked Bud Bar offered plenty of ganja goodies, including the “house doobie” in indica or sativa from the Caliva Collection. (https://www.gocaliva.com) (Courtesy of Paragon)
In addition to pre-rolls galore, there were cannabis treats like Rad Extracts vape cartridges, Flav edibles, and Pax pods. The Bud Bar even had CBD for pets. (Courtesy of Paragon)
Partygoers enjoyed a variety of smokables like this big beautiful blunt. (Courtesy of Paragon)

At the Intersection of Hollywood Ave. and Ganja

Guests smoked, snacked, sipped and got their groove on in the 420-friendly courtyard. (Courtesy of Paragon) 
The ping-pong table was a hot spot all night. Every office space should have one! (Courtesy of Paragon)
VerSteeg sat down with Johanna Nuding, host of the Casually Baked podcast, to discuss her vision for the first cannabis co-working space in LA. (Courtesy of Paragon)

Los Angeles Cannabis Culture Catches Up

More swag for the gift bags: ParagonSpace brand partner Trio handed out indica and hybrid vapes. (Courtesy of Paragon)
Even more goodies! Guests received ParagonSpace T-shirts, and gifts from Lowell Farms, Magic Pipe, and Atlas Edibles. (Courtesy of Paragon) 
The four-building co-work complex is now open and accepting applications from cannabusinesses. Rent will be collected in ParagonCoin. (Courtesy of Paragon)
(Courtesy of Paragon)
(Courtesy of Paragon)

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