Support These Generous Cannabis Brands Giving Back

Support These Generous Cannabis Brands Giving Back

The cannabis community has long given back to their fellow tokers, opening arms to those seeking medical care and a sense of ease. The Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance is the perfect example of a dispensary sharing their goods to help those who have helped their country.

Thankfully, even more cannabis brands and companies are leaning in to charitable donations or offering helping hands to those in need.

Below, check out which brands, dispensaries, and companies are giving back, and show your support.

Give Vapes

(Courtesy of Give Vapes)

Where to find them: California

Each quarter, Give Vapes chooses a charity to partner with and shares a portion of their sales proceeds to these deserving organizations. Currently, they are partnering with the Veterans Cannabis Group (VCG) who provide safe access, education, information, employment opportunities, and resources to veterans.

Give Vapes offers Super Lemon Haze, Original Glue, and OG Kush options from hand-picked suppliers.

Find Super Lemon Haze Near You

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Americans for Safe Access (ASA)

Where to find them: Nationwide

Through action, education, and advocacy, Americans for Safe Access is dedicated to providing therapeutic cannabis to those in need. ASA members have fought to change global perceptions on cannabis while helping pass laws and policies surrounding cannabis reform. Join the ASA and advocate for your state here.

JuJu Royal

(Courtesy of JuJu Royal)

Where to find them: Nationwide

JuJu Royal was founded by Bob Marley’s son, Julian Marley. His CBD brand can be found across the nation, and products can be purchased online at the JuJu Royal shop. A brand dedicated to compassionate giving, 1% of all proceeds from JuJu Royal sales goes directly to the Weed for Warriors Project (WWF). WWF supports holisitic rehabilitation for veterans through “community-based projects, proactive care advocacy, and cannabis education.”

Aster Farms — Harry’s Harvest

Where to find them: California

California’s raging wildfires have devastated homes, farms, and neighbors, but Aster Farms is hard at work giving back and helping their California community. Harry’s Harvest is a new line of flower dedicated to healing those most affected by these fires—$2 from every sale goes directly to local volunteer fire departments.

From Aster Farms: This particular line of flower is “dedicated to the half tabby, half bobcat, Harry, who lived on the farm. When the Aster team had to evacuate from the Ranch Fire (part of The Mendocino Complex Fire), Harry was the only animal missing.”

Bluebird Botanicals

Where to find them: Nationwide

Bluebird Botanicals is a hemp and CBD company who contributes to multiple charities across the nation, including the Global Fund for Women, Doctors Without Borders, Autism Research Institute, and more. Not only do they contribute monetarily, they also donate bottles of CBD to individuals in need. Why should you choose Bluebird? Find a list of their charitable organizations here.

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

Rick Doblin of MAPS Talks Medical Cannabis Trials and a Possible Legalization TimelineRick Doblin of MAPS (Courtesy of Rick Doblin)

Where to find them: Nationwide

Founded in 1986, MAPS is a non-profit dedicated to the research and development of psychedelic and cannabis medicines. They are passionate about plant-based therapies and medicines that can heal PTSD, addiction, anxiety, and a plethora of other conditions. Make a donation to this powerful and forward-thinking company here.

Lazarus Naturals

(Courtesy of Lazarus)

Where to find them: Nationwide

A CBD company dedicated to giving, Lazarus Naturals’ generous Assistance Programs offer steep discounts to veterans (up to 40% off), long-term disability patients, and low-income American households. Find out how to apply to these programs here.

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