Rick Steves: Let’s Win in 2022

Rick Steves: Let’s Win in 2022

About a year ago, I agreed to be the Chairperson of NORML’s Board of Directors. As I said at the time, I did so to double down on my commitment to ending this nearly century-long policy of prohibition and to replace it with a more sensible approach — one that respects both public health and America’s cherished civil liberties. One that promotes personal freedom and responsible behavior.

I knew 2021 was going to be a great year for our movement, but it exceeded even my wildest expectations. In just the first few months of the year, we saw five states approve legalization in their legislatures. With the addition of New Jersey, Virginia, New York, New Mexico, and Connecticut – we now have 18 states plus the District of Columbia that have legalized the adult possession and consumption of marijuana. With those states onboard, nearly half of all Americans live in a state where simply enjoying marijuana is totally legal. In addition to the groundswell of progress at the state level, we also saw more action than ever before occurring at the federal level with lawmakers from both parties introducing legislation to end federal prohibition. 

Yes, the wind is at our backs. But we all need to come together stronger than ever before to truly get across the finish line. The sad truth is, despite 18 states having implemented legalization, hundreds of thousands of Americans—the vast majority of whom are poor and people of color–are put in handcuffs every year for simply possessing a joint.  We need to take our fight for justice to every corner of this country in 2022 and to do so we will need the resources required to make that happen.

That’s why I’m calling on you to join me in helping NORML build the war chest needed to keep the victories rolling in 2022. To make your donation even more impactful, I’ll be matching all donations up to $20,000 total as a year-end contribution to the cause.

Why does your donation matter? It’s simple. As a grassroots organization and as an independent voice for social change, NORML is reliant on the small donations of people like you to sustain and thrive. NORML is not beholden to ‘Big Business’ or to the ‘Big Marijuana Industry.’ It is beholden to individuals like you.

Your membership puts you on our team It helps us to fund our important and necessary work. Each and every day NORML’s staff and affiliates work tirelessly to lobby state and local lawmakers, speak with mainstream media outlets, build coalitions with federal lawmakers, mobilize its tens of thousands of supporters and citizens activists, and educate the public about the need to end marijuana prohibition.  

We’ve accomplished so much together already, if we stay united I know we can end the costly and tragic prohibition against marijuana in our country. Thanks.

Rick Steves
NORML Board Chair

Rick Steves
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