Hemp extraction company Zelios Colorado is now Gemini Extraction & Refinement Solutions.

Its new name reflects the company’s dual C02 and Ethanol extraction capabilities. (Erie, Colorado) January 12, 2021 – Zelios Colorado, long a leader in the hemp and CBD extraction industry, today announced its new name to reflect the company’s expanded and broader capabilities of both CO2 and Ethanol Extraction methods, as well as its new and extensive refinement technologies. Gemini’s expanded footprint […]

E1011 Labs Pioneers the Future of Hemp Flower Consumption

Los Angeles, January, 2020 – E1011 Labs, a California-based startup, announces its launch of elon™, a state-of-the-art, low-temperature heating device and stem™, premium hemp flower cartridges intended to be used with elon. On a mission to provide easy, affordable, and convenient access to cannabinoid wellness, E1011 Labs leverages innovative technology and thoughtfully crafted formulations. By […]

Are your hemp crops safe? FSOil conducts study following the 2020 Oregon Wildfires

While Oregon wildfires raged during the month of September 2020, hemp growers and processors held their breath fearing for the well-being of their crops and subsequent products. FSOil, a CO2 extraction and processing facility located on Iverson Family Farms in Woodburn Oregon was just under 10 miles from the Beachie Creek fire. The companies vertically […]

Abaca Announces Merchant Services for Hemp and CBD Businesses

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (December 11, 2020) – Since he founded his business, Ryan Croy, co-founder of Honcho & Hoss, CBD for the Everyman, has gone through three credit card processors – not by his choice. “One pulled the plug on me over the weekend. One said they’d process but bailed before we ever got […]

SOAR™ Launches Functional Tincture Line, Introducing CBG and CBN

SOAR™, makers of high performing, hemp-derived CBD products for healthy bodies and minds, today announced the addition of three innovative functional tinctures to their product lineup – Harmony Held, Energy Enhanced and Sleep Secured – crafted with organically farmed CBD, introducing CBG and CBN, and containing less than 0.3% THC. CBG and CBN are lesser-known […]

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