Cannabis-Infused Beverages Are Coming, Will They Be Worth the Hype?

Next month, stakeholders in the cannabis and alcohol industries will gather at a conference centre in San Francisco to discuss the arrival of cannabis-infused beverages and its implications. In an article looking ahead to this first-ever Cannabis Drinks Expo, Forbes proclaimed that “the next frontier in cannabis is beverages.” No doubt about it, the future […]

Keeping Score: Major League Sports’ Stance on Cannabis

When players from the Stanley Cup winning team skate off the ice after their final game in June, they will head to the dressing room and, in keeping with tradition, they will uncork bottles of champagne. In seasons to come, players might be smoking weed to celebrate their success. The league is pretty liberal when […]

Retail Guide: The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., Toronto

The Hunny Pot—clever name, right?—is in the hipster outpost of Queen Street West but could easily be two kilometres north, in the upscale Yorkville area. After lining up in the cold for an hour or more on opening day, the hundred-plus cannabis enthusiasts stepped into a spacious, multi-level store full of gleaming chrome and sharp […]

Highs & Lows: Ontario’s First Week of Cannabis Retail

Five and a half months after Canada became the first G7 nation and the second country in the world to pass legislation legalizing recreational cannabis, the first brick-and-mortar stores opened in Ontario. Nine stores opened for business on April 1, the government-designated date. One opened six days later. Here are the highs and lows of […]

Retail Guide: Ganjika House Cannabis Store, Brampton

Located on Main Street in Brampton, in a building that was once a Burger King and most recently a doctor’s office, Ganjika House was among the first brick-and-mortar stores to open in Ontario on April 1st, the deadline set by the provincial government. Owner Clint Seukeran didn’t have a listed phone number or much of an online […]

NHL Alumni Study Centres on CBD, Puts THC on Ice

When Glenn Healy, head of the NHL Alumni Association, recently announced that a hundred retired players would be given CBD in a study examining the compound’s possible role in treating pain and post-concussion neurological disorders, many former athletes celebrated—especially those struggling with depression, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), and dementia from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). But […]

Cannabis on the Menu: Envisioning the Future of Infused Foods in Canada

When the federal government introduced regulations surrounding cannabis edibles in December, few people were playing closer attention than those in Canada’s restaurant industry. Already adapting to the recent legalization of recreational bud and oil, industry stakeholders are already preparing for the legalization of edibles in October and they anticipate it being a boost for business. […]

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