Analysis: ‘Government-Grade’ Marijuana More Closely Resembles Hemp, Has Little in Common with Commercially Available Cannabis

The marijuana provided by the University of Mississippi for clinical research purposes is genetically dissimilar to cannabis strains commercially available at retail markets in legal states, according to an analysis published in the journal Frontiers in Plant Science. Since 1968, the University of Mississippi’s farm, which is governed by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, […]

Maryland: Most Residents Want to Legalize Marijuana for Adult Use

A strong majority of Maryland residents back legalizing the adult use of marijuana, according to statewide polling data compiled by Goucher College. Sixty percent of respondents support “making marijuana legal for recreational use in Maryland.” Only 33 percent of respondents oppose the idea. Goucher polling dating back to 2015 has consistently reported that the majority […]

New York: Officials Moving to Clear Over 400,000 Past Marijuana Convictions

State officials have sealed nearly 200,000 marijuana-related criminal convictions and are in the process of expunging several hundred thousand more, according to data provided by the New York State Office of Cannabis Management. According to an update provided by the agency at its most recent meeting: “Approximately 203,000 marijuana related charges are presently being suppressed […]

New York: Officials Advance Home Cultivation Regulations for Qualified Patients

Members of the state’s Cannabis Control Board advanced regulations on Thursday that, for the first time, explicitly permit qualified patients to home cultivate marijuana. The proposed rules, which must undergo a 60-day public comment period, permit the cultivation of up to six cannabis plants per private residence. The regulations will take effect once the public […]

South Dakota: Six Months Later, Supreme Court Still Silent on Marijuana Legalization Vote

Justices on the state’s highest court have yet to render a decision regarding the fate of Constitutional Amendment A, the voter-approved initiative which sought to legalize the adult-use possession and sale of cannabis. Fifty-four percent of South Dakota voters decided on Election Day in favor of the ballot measure. However, shortly following the vote, Republican Gov. Kristi Noem facilitated litigation seeking […]

Washington: New Rule Expands the Pool of Those Eligible for Marijuana Business Licenses

New regulations that took effect on Saturday, October 2, expand the pool of applicants eligible to receive licensure to participate in the state’s legal marijuana industry. Under the new policy, those with either felony criminal records or multiple misdemeanors are no longer ineligible from consideration for licensure. The rule change comes as lawmakers have prioritized […]

South Dakota: Legislative Committee Votes to Rescind Home Grow Rights From State’s Medical Cannabis Access Law

Members of the state’s medical-marijuana subcommittee voted this week to rescind key provisions in South Dakota’s voter-approved medical cannabis initiative (Measure 26). On Wednesday, subcommittee members decided 6 to 4 to eliminate the ability for qualified patients to home-cultivate marijuana. Nearly 70 percent of voters decided in favor of the ballot Measure (Measure 26) last November, which […]

Connecticut: Qualified Patients Can Begin Home Cultivating Cannabis Next Week

Patients who are registered with the state’s medical cannabis access program can begin home cultivating cannabis for their own personal use next Friday, October 1. Under the new law, qualified patients ages 18 and older may grow up to six cannabis plants in their homes. Households with more than one qualified patient may home cultivate […]

New Jersey: Courts Expunge Over 360,000 Marijuana Cases

New Jersey courts have either dismissed or vacated an estimated 362,000 marijuana cases since July 1, according to data provided by the state Judiciary and reported by The actions come just months after the New Jersey Supreme Court issued an order providing for the automatic dismissal and expungement of certain marijuana offenses from people’s […]

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