Ohio: Citizens’ Petition Seeks to Compel Lawmakers to Hold Marijuana Legalization Vote

Advocates with the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol have turned in over 200,000 signatures from registered voters in an effort to compel state lawmakers to decide on a proposal that would allow adults to possess, grow, and purchase marijuana and marijuana-related products. Following the validation of 132,887 signatures by state officials, lawmakers will have […]

Missouri: St.Louis Lawmakers Repeal Local Marijuana Possession Laws

The mayor of St. Louis (population 308,000) has signed municipal legislation into law eliminating local penalties for activities involving the possession of marijuana for personal use. Under the newly signed law, the possession of up to 35 grams of cannabis by adults will no longer be subject to civil penalties. Furthermore, police may no longer […]

New Jersey: Regulators Approve Provisional Licenses for 30 New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

After months of delay, state regulators on Tuesday provided provisional licenses to 30 applicants seeking to operate medical cannabis facilities. Currently, only 23 medical cannabis facilities are operational in the state. That low total has led high prices and low supplies for the state’s estimated 120,000 registered medical cannabis patients. Under the state’s medical marijuana […]

CBD Products Commonly Flagged by FDA for Making Unsubstantiated Claims About Treating COVID-19

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the US Food and Drug Administration has sent numerous warning letters to companies for misrepresenting their CBD products as treatment options for patients. According to an analysis published in the Journal of Cannabis Research, cannabidiol products were among those most frequently cited by the FDA for violations. Authors […]

Minnesota: Regulators Okay Patients’ Access to Cannabis-Infused Edible Products

Regulators with the Department of Health have announced that cannabis-infused edible products will be available in state-licensed medical dispensaries next year. Under the plan, patients in the state’s medical access program will be able to purchase marijuana-infused gummies or other similar chewable products beginning on August 1, 2020. Currently, qualified patients are only permitted to […]

Montana: Officials Create New Drug Court to Focus Solely on Expunging Past Marijuana Convictions

State officials are set to debut a special drug court that will be dedicated solely to reviewing and expunging past marijuana convictions. Under the state’s new adult-use legalization law, those with past marijuana convictions may petition for either the expungement of their records or for a re-sentencing of their convictions. Officials believe that having a […]

Federal Housing Authority to Continue Taking Punitive Actions Against Marijuana Consumers

A representative with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have affirmed that the agency will continue to discriminate against those who use cannabis, including those who do so in compliance with state and local laws. In a letter addressed to Rep. Eleanor Holmes-Norton, the agency says that it will continue to enforce […]

California Celebrates 25 Years of Medical Cannabis Access

Twenty-five years ago today, California enacted first-in-the-nation legislation legalizing the use and cultivation of medical cannabis. Fifty-six percent of California voters decided on November 4, 1996 in favor of the ballot measure Proposition 215: The California Compassionate Use Act. It took effect the following day. The measure’s enactment met with immediate pushback from state and […]

Mississippi: Still No Timetable for a Special Session to Address Medical Marijuana Access

Republican Gov. Tate Reeves appears to have backed off a pledge to hold a special legislative session this fall to enact medical cannabis legalization. Earlier this week, Gov. Reeves reiterated his opposition to lawmakers’ plans to legalize patients’ access — opining that the proposed legislation isn’t restrictive enough to satisfy his concerns. Yesterday, the state’s […]

Voters Weigh In on a Variety of Marijuana Ballot Questions

Voters yesterday decided on a number of state and local ballot initiatives specific to marijuana policies. On the nation’s only statewide marijuana-centric ballot proposal, Colorado voters rejected Prop. 119, which sought to increase state sales taxes on retail cannabis sales. NORML’s Colorado state affiliate had campaigned against the proposition, opining that excessive taxation on regulated […]

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