CBD experts detail top trends to stay ahead of in 2021

(Editor’s note: This story is part of a recurring series of commentaries from professionals connected to the hemp industry. Larry and Jackie Berg are co-founders of CBD Marketing Hub, a digital-to-door agency focused on CBD and cannabis marketing.) Seismic advancements have dominated the CBD market over the past decade with some of the industry’s largest brands seeing […]

Brexit creates CBD regulatory mess for UK market

If the CBD market is any indication of how other sectors will be affected by the United Kingdom’s divorce from the European Union, buckle your seatbelts. Supply-chain slowdowns and lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic have already made doing business in the UK a challenge. Now, with the confusion surrounding the final Brexit trade deal, […]

Reports: French energy startup nets €18.8 million to launch hemp-fueled plant

Qairos Energies, a startup with aspirations of using agricultural biomass to produce methane and hydrogen in northwestern France, has raised nearly €18.8 million ($23 million) to build and launch a facility that will use local hemp to make fuel for buses, trains and France’s chief natural gas distributor. The eight-figure support for the project, reported […]

California lawsuit over hemp destruction on hold

A California hemp grower is suing a sheriff’s office, alleging the authorities destroyed about 500 acres of their plants, which the company estimates were worth $1 billion, according to the lawsuit. California lawsuit over hemp destruction on hold is a post from: Hemp Industry Daily: Financial, Legal & business news for hemp & CBD entrepreneurs

Venture capital firm Canopy Rivers sells 49% stake in Italian processor to RAMM Pharma

RAMM Pharma, a cannabis-based pharmaceutical company with products in several Latin American countries, has bought a 49% stake in the Sicilian CBD processing company Canapar. Based in Toronto, RAMM purchased the shares from the cannabis venture-capital firm Canopy Rivers. Under the agreement, RAMM paid $7 million cash to Canopy Rivers to buy a little more […]

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