Oklahoma’s Weed industry is imploding

A very fascinating article came out on Politico that dives into the pretty dire situation happening in Oklahoma with their overabundance of marijuana products. Oklahoma has a legal medical marijuana industry, but a push for recreational legalization was rejected in a March referendum from this year. Perhaps due to the potential of a recreational opening […]

Republican Representative Nancy Mace files another Marijuana Legalization Bill

Back in 2021, GOP Representative Nancy Mace from South Carolina made some headlines by creating her own Marijuana Legalization Bill. It was created specifically from a Republican perspective, where states would continue to regulate their own markets however they pleased. The new States Reform Act that she has filed would probably do the same, however […]

Is the SAFE Banking Bill finally actually happening?

For the first time since it’s introduction in 2015, the SAFE (now SAFER) Banking Bill is making it’s way to a vote in front of the full Senate after passing the Banking Committee. It has a majority of bipartisan supporters in the Senate, so does this mean this will be a slam dunk? Unfortunately no. […]

Psychiatrists have had a major shift in their opinions towards Psychedelics

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University have found that over 80% of surveyed psychiatrists believe psychedelics have strong to moderate potential to treat mental health disorders. That’s a huge majority, and also a gigantic uptick from 2016, when a similar survey was conducted. Back in 2016, 54.2% of psychiatrists surveyed felt that psychedelics should be […]

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