Delta-8 THC ruled to be federally legal by court

When the Farm Bill was enacted in 2018, it seems that not all of the information on the complex cannabis plant was known, and a loophole has formed in the shape of delta-8 THC, which also contains psychoactive components and legalized along with the rest of the hemp plant via that bill. Since the discovery […]

For Second Year, Overdose Deaths Surpassed 100,000

The opioid epidemic continues in the US, with the amount of overdose deaths reaching a new height of 108,000 in 2021. This is the second year in a row that deaths have surpassed 100,000. New data has just been published by the CDC giving some insight on what drugs are causing the upswing. Fentanyl is […]

Company Introduces Psychedelic Shrooms in Nasal Spray

Madrigal Mental Care, a biopharmaceutical company from Israel, has announced a nasal spray with the purpose to treat PTSD and anxiety. Nanoparticles of psilocybin are in the spray, along with ketamine and MDMA. The spray will be introduced fully at the Biomed Israel 2022 conference taking place May 10-12 in Tel Aviv. Hopefully we’ll get […]

Roe v. Wade Debate is tied to Drug Decriminalization

The abortion debate has been raging in the American discourse for the past couple days due to a draft majority opinion paper leaked from Justice Samuel Alito. His opinion is that Roe v. Wade went too far in its decision, and the right to individual autonomy is more limited than was previously debated. “These attempts […]

Man Sells Weed Out of a Vending Machine, Makes $2k a day

Here’s some ingenuity in the weed industry. Despite, or perhaps due to, working on the illicit side of things. A local Detroit news station reports that a man’s house was raided after getting a tip that he was selling weed out of a vending machine outside the home. The vending machine itself looks very sophisticated […]

Legal Weed Coming to New York by Fall

Regulations were created last month for giving out Cannabis licenses in the state of New York, and that process should come full circle by fall of 2022, according to Cannabis Control Board Chair Tremaine Wright at a public forum on Saturday. Dispensary license holders will be able to receive loans with interest, not grants or […]

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