Weed Markets are Oversaturating across the country

A new article at MJ Biz Daily has detailed how Massachusetts is being added to the list of marijuana markets with prices dropping significantly due to too much supply. This month last year, the average price for a gram of flower was averaging $14.38. This year, it’s at $7.76 for the same amount, about a […]

Connecticut Legalizes Marijuana and Jabs at New York

Connecticut is the newest state to open up their legal marijuana market, and it has clearly learned some lessons from the insanely rocky road happening in New York. At the end of last month, New York opened just one shop in all of Manhattan. The demand was clearly too large for just one opening, and […]

Children Eating Edibles is up 1375%

The problem with the way marijuana edibles are being advertised is well documented at this point. There are still many places in the country where you can buy edibles that look like skittles, or gushers, or nerd ropes, or really anything. The obvious problem this creates is the attraction of a young audience. Seeing a […]

Marijuana Sales are Declining

It was mistake to see anything happening during the pandemic as the new normal. It’s the reason why the stocks for Zoom and Peloton have sunk in the past year, and it’s the same reason why we’re seeing a much less enthusiastic marijuana market. When people were literally stuck home, the idea of spending lots […]

Report Showing Concerns over High THC Weed was Leaked

A scientific report from Washington detailing concerns about high potency marijuana was expected to come out at the end of this month, but Cannabis Observer got their hands on it before then. Within the report, some policy suggestions are made in order to quell the snowballing prevalence of highly potent cannabis. Some of these policies […]

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