LGBTQ, Cannabis Cultures Unite in These Pride Products for 2019

LGBTQ Pride celebrations happen throughout the month of June in the US, and the increasingly mainstream embrace of a free-wheelin’, rainbow-draped party season along with legal cannabis means crossover marketing is here. Being an effective ally to those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual community requires more than simply slapping a […]

Father’s Day 2019 Gift Ideas for the Cannabis-Loving Dad

A great many dads have been smoking cannabis since before you were alive. Encountering families with two or three generations of cannabis experience isn’t uncommon on the West Coast, and integrating the now-legal plant into traditional celebrations opens up new opportunities to connect. For fathers who love gadgets, there’s stylish vaporizers for discreet use on […]

Utopia Shines Bright Like a THC Diamond in California

Wondering how modern hash can get any better—or more hyped? Every time it seems like we’ve reached the ultimate pinnacle of achievement in cannabis extracts, something new comes along that gets you even higher. “You’re looking for molecules to begin fitting together like bricks.” Kelly Sullivan, lab director, Utopia Cannabis Right now, at the tip […]

Quitting Cigarettes? Joints Rolled With CBD Might Help

There’s never a bad time to leave your tobacco-using days behind—for good. One potential way to make quitting easier and more fun is by switching to pre-made cannabis joints (pre-rolls) that are rich in cannabidiol (CBD), marijuana’s secondary active ingredient. In a small 2013 study, CBD users cut cigarette intake by 40%. CBD comes from […]

What Does 4/20 Mean to You? We Asked 12 Cannabis Leaders

Every year, 4/20 grows into a larger spectacle of conspicuous cannabis consumption as legalization of herb brings this homegrown holiday into the mainstream. Originating as an in-joke amongst a group of high school kids in Marin County, CA, the idea of 4:20 as an official time to smoke in solidarity with stoners all around the […]

Tasted It! Leafly Tries the World’s Hottest Cannabis Debut

The world’s hottest new strains are coming out in California this spring—specifically, the strains that won the biggest awards at last December’s Emerald Cup, the world’s most prestigious cannabis competition. Six award-winning, small-batch cultivars from the 2018 Emerald Cup have dropped this week at a California dispensary near you, as part of a limited-edition series from […]

These Investors Are Looking for Women-Led Cannabis Companies

To succeed in capitalism, you need capital. Unfortunately, women and people of color historically don’t have equal access to large sums of money. Investment capital isn’t spread equally. That’s where Treehouse Global finds its financial advantage. That makes it difficult to build and scale up a business. This is especially true in the cannabis industry, […]

Hot New Cannabis Products Promise Precise Effects

“How is this going to make me feel?” That’s by far the most common—and the most important—question asked by cannabis consumers. “Will it stimulate my creativity, or help me sleep? Will it relieve my pain, or pique my appetite?” To help answer these questions, and boost sales, more and more brands are labeling their offerings […]

Now You Can Fight the Flu — With Cannabis!

Flu season is peaking. When you’re home sick, feeling miserable and confined to the couch, it’s helpful to have cannabis on hand. Beyond improving your mood and helping you sleep, medicinal cannabis products can also relieve inflammation and pain while balancing immunity. Thanks to legalization Proposition 64, any adult 21 or older with ID in […]

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