In Photos: How Dark Heart Nursery Produces Millions of Cannabis Clones

Cuttings are trimmed and cleaned up by hand at a workstation to create semi-uniformity, making production easier. Dark Heart’s 2019 strains include Vanilla Frosting, Magic Melon, Sherbert, Remedy CBD, Sour Diesel, Cookies, and, of course, Blue Dream. (David Downs/Leafly)Each cutting is trimmed for length and dipped in a hormone bath that promotes root growth. They […]

Oakland City Council Decriminalizes Mushrooms, DMT, Ibogaine

The cognitive liberty movement scored another win this week, with Oakland, CA, becoming the second city in the US to give a thumbs up to hallucinogenic mushroom possession and use. On Tuesday, the Oakland City Council formally voted to make holding and using psilocybin mushrooms—along with other naturally derived psychedelics such as mescaline and ibogaine—the […]

The Best New Cannabis Strains to Grow in 2019

As spring rains yield to summer sun, tens of thousands of hobbyists are starting an annual cannabis garden. With 33 medical states and 10 adult-use legalization ones, there are more first-time cannabis gardeners than ever before. Some aficionados want to organically grow exotic, trendy flavors for a fraction of retail prices. Others are just curious […]

The Hash #18: Dispensary Mythbusting With David Downs

A record ten US states have legalized adult use of cannabis, but that does not mean voters in those states live with easy access to herb. About 50% of cities and counties in legal states ban cannabis stores. But why? Over the past few weeks, I dove into this issue with, Bruce Barcott, deputy editor […]

Carl’s Jr.’s First CBD Burger Hits on 4/20 in Denver

Has the craze in cannabidiol—or CBD—finally jumped the shark? The latest evidence comes from fast food leviathan Carl’s Jr., which announced Wednesday it will sell hamburgers in Denver, CO, on April 20 featuring CBD in the sauce. That’s right, the 4/20 special sauce at Carl’s Jr. includes CBD! A Carl’s Jr. spokesperson told CNN today […]

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