Coalition Pushes for a More Equitable Marijuana Industry in Colorado

(Denver, CO) – A coalition spearheaded by the nonprofit Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) has made several recommendations to the state’s Department of Regulatory Affairs (DORA) to improve marijuana’s current regulatory framework. “Since Colorado became the first state to legally regulate marijuana, the national conversation has shifted from whether we’ll legalize to how we should do […]

Canadian Searches for Cannabis Porn Hit New High

A quick search for #weedporn on Instagram will turn up nearly seven million images of superb specimens of bud, close-ups of crystallized nugs, and carefully crafted joints, though it seems that Canadians are (quite literally) looking for a different kind of “weed porn” in the days following nationwide legalization. Pornhub is reporting that searches for […]

Destigmatizing Everyday Cannabis Consumers: An Interview With Canada’s Botanical Society

With cannabis now legal in Canada, people still face social stigma for consuming the plant. One Ontario photographer hopes to end the shame surrounding medicinal and recreational use of cannabis by photographing everyday people and their personal weed rituals. Niv Shimshon, a 40-year-old married father of two is a wedding photographer and cannabis user based […]

President Trump Signs Opioid Package Today

This afternoon, President Trump is expected to sign a massive opioid package and tout the bill as a major accomplishment toward curbing the overdose crisis. The package is the product of bipartisan efforts to pass opioid legislation in both the House and Senate in recent months.    Statement from Grant Smith, deputy director of national affairs […]

Coming Back to Cannabis? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ryan wants to get high. Like many of his generation, the 55-year-old Toronto-area video editor is intrigued by the idea of legal recreational cannabis. His two kids are away at university and he likes the idea of relaxing and winding down at the end of the day. Seriously considering cannabis as a healthier alternative to […]

Opinion: Advertising Rules for Cannabis in Canada are too Strict

Cannabis legalization passing on October 17th means that the Federal Cannabis Act is in full force and that the industry will have to follow extremely strict restrictions when it comes to marketing, branding, and advertising practices. The goal of these restrictions is to avoid cannabis being exposed to young people. Although that goal is noble on […]

The Lost Decade In The Global War On Drugs: New Report Shows 10-Year United Nations Drug Strategy Set To Conclude In Colossal Failure

A new report released today by the International Drug Policy Consortium has exposed the past decade of the war on drugs as a colossal failure. Taking Stock: A Decade of Drug Policy – A Civil Society Shadow Report shows that the United Nations’ 10-year global strategy has completely missed its targets of eradicating the illegal […]

Flying High: Aboard Canada’s First Cross-Country Flight With Cannabis

Cannabis is officially legal in Canada and while rules, regulations, and retail options vary by province, one policy that applies to all Canadians is that domestic travel with legal cannabis is permitted. In the weeks before the legalization came into effect, Transportation Minister Marc Garneau announced that travelers flying within the country would be able […]

What’s Next? Predictions for the Future of Cannabis in Canada

The legalization of cannabis in Canada is the culmination of a long, complex process. But for many cannabis advocates, the new legislation simply represents a starting point. With the federal government looking into regulating recreational edibles and extracts, some fine tuning of the Cannabis Act is expected. What else does the future hold for cannabis […]

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