A CBD Gift for Every Valentine’s Day Activity

The most romantic holiday of the year is right around the corner, and you might be wondering how to express your gratitude towards your cannabis-loving sweetie. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of CBD products that also have an intimate touch—just right for Valentine’s Day. Leafly contributor Danielle Corcione tried a handful of products firsthand. […]

CBD Stocking Stuffers for Every Kind of Consumer

The holidays are approaching, and CBD is exploding in the mainstream—no longer is it a niche product and a secret of the industry. Now, CBD can be found in anything from skincare to menstrual products to personal lubricants. As more curious consumers are opening their eyes to the medicinal potential of CBD, people are asking […]

In North Dakota, the Fight to Legalize Cannabis Heats Up

North Dakota would be one of the next states to legalize recreational cannabis if voters pass Measure 3 on Election Day. But as rhetoric around the initiative heats up, its chances of success are still anyone’s guess. Predictions mean nothing: One poll shows 51% support, another shows 26%. Meanwhile, Native Americans are fighting just to […]

America’s War on Drugs Has Been Racist for a Century

To understand the history of cannabis in the United States, it’s crucial to examine immigration. Though many people associate the war on drugs with the Nixon or Reagan administrations, the truth is that the drug war’s history dates back nearly a hundred years, to the advent of the US Border Patrol. There’s a clear historical […]

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