Colorado Just Hit the $1 Billion Mark in Cannabis Tax Revenue

It’s a pretty extraordinary milestone, and an indicator of just how financially strong the legal marijuana market has become. In a little more than five years since becoming the first state to legalize recreational cannabis, Colorado says it’s gone past the $1 billion mark in marijuana tax revenue. The money that once fed illegal cartels […]

Colorado Gov. Signs Bills Legalizing Delivery and Lounges

With a few signatures Wednesday, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis dramatically expanded his state’s already historic cannabis laws, and fulfilled some of his campaign pledges to enhance the state’s significant cannabis industry. The new laws will bolster Colorado’s booming $1.6 billion cannabis industry. Speaking during a ceremony at the state capitol in Denver, Polis noted that […]

When It Comes to Cannabis Workplace Injuries, the Eyes Have It

All workplaces can be hazardous. Even your garden variety cubicle-farm office is required to have safety guidelines posted in visible places, usually in the break room, from OHSA, the federal Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration. About 350 of Colorado’s 31,000 cannabis workers recorded minor workplace injuries last year. As the legal cannabis […]

Carl’s Jr. CBD Burgers Go Over Big in Denver

In case you had any doubt about how mainstream and corporate 4/20 has become, you only had to attend the one-day-only inauguration of the Carl’s Jr. CBD burger Saturday, at one of its restaurants in a northern section of Denver. ‘As soon as we opened the doors we had about 30 people in line and […]

Smoke Up and Drive for Science—Volunteers Needed

It’s one of the more contentious issues in the national cannabis legalization debate: What are the effects of marijuana on a person’s driving abilities? It can be difficult for law enforcement and prosecutors to prove that a driver is impaired by cannabis. Some states use a per se THC blood content threshold. But a 2016 […]

YouTube’s ‘Pot Scientist’ Fired for Answering Burning Questions

Most cannabis-legal states don’t shield cannabis-consuming employees from anti-marijuana regulations at their office. But a recent case involving a substitute teacher in a Colorado charter school begs the question: How can some educational institutions fire employees for legally using cannabis, while still taking cannabis industry tax revenue from the state? The Pot Scientist’s Origin Story […]

Do Colorado Dispensary Owners Deserve Jail for ‘Looping’?

Last week the owners of Colorado’s now-defunct Sweet Leaf dispensaries were sentenced to jail time for allowing the practice of ‘looping’ in their stores. That practice is when a customer buys the maximum amount of cannabis permitted by Colorado law (currently one ounce per adult-use transaction) and returns the same day to purchase more. The case, […]

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