Maryland: Constitutional Amendment introduced to Legalize Marijuana

Maryland: Constitutional Amendment introduced to Legalize Marijuana

Update: The House held a hearing about HB 1236 on March 3 at 1pm, and a hearing about SB 891 on March 2 at 1pm.

Update: A new Goucher poll cites that 58% of Marylanders support marijuana legalization and only 36% oppose it.

HB 1236 and it’s companion bill SB891 would amend the Maryland Constitution to ensure citizens have the right to possess, smoke, and cultivate marijuana.

The Amendment would also require the General Assembly to establish a regulatory structure for “the transfer of cannabis by purchase or sale.”

If enacted, the law would legalize the possession of up to two ounces and the cultivation of up to six plants.

However, as a constitutional amendment, the initiative requires a three-fifths majority in both houses of the Maryland General Assembly followed by approval by the voters of Maryland.

According to a recent poll by the Washington Post, 63% of Maryland registered voters support the legalization of marijuana for personal use. 

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