Tell the US to Support Global Cannabis Rescheduling

When the World Health Organization recommended earlier this year that cannabis be rescheduled under international law, advocates cheered the news. Kenzi Riboulet Zemouli, the head of research at Paris-based drug policy nonprofit FAAAT, called it “the best outcome that WHO could’ve possibly come up with.” RELATED STORY World Health Organization Calls for Cannabis Rescheduling But […]

Legal Hemp Is Not Safe on American Highways

Hemp might be federally legal in the 2018 US farm bill and in states like Oregon—but hemp remains illegal in Idaho and other conservative states. That legal schism is making for quite the mess across the US. Despite new national law, hemp’s held up just like its psychoactive cousin, cannabis. The US hemp market is […]

Want to Get a Degree in Cannabis? Here’s Where to Start

Grace DeNoya is used to getting snickers when people learn she’s majoring in marijuana. “My friends make good-natured jokes about getting a degree in weed,” said DeNoya, one of the first students in a new four-year degree program in medicinal plant chemistry at Northern Michigan University. “I say, ‘No, it’s a serious degree, a chemistry […]

Liberal Hawaii Decides Again Not to Legalize Cannabis

HONOLULU (AP) — On the political spectrum, Hawaii is among the bluest of states. Democrats control all the levers of power at the state and federal levels, and voters back Democratic presidential candidates over Republicans by some of the widest margins in the U.S. The state has committed to the Paris climate agreement that President […]

The US Surgeon General Just Tweeted WHAT About Cannabis?

US Surgeon General Jerome Adams recently used his official Twitter account to make a startling claim: Contrary to the promises made by criminal-justice and drug-policy reform advocates, he said, the era of legal adult-use cannabis has actually led to more people of color being arrested. DYK that in most states that have legalized adult use […]

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