The Most Impactful Cannabis Studies of All Time

The following compendium of landmark cannabis studies is exclusively focused on top-level research that either fundamentally advanced our understanding of the plant’s therapeutic properties, or thoroughly debunked some pernicious piece of official misinformation—such as “smoking weed gives you lung cancer.” But that’s only half the story when it comes to the intersection of science and […]

Mexico’s Revolutionary Ruling: How Human Rights Law Defeated Reefer Madness

Earlier this week Mexico’s Supreme Court issued a fifth and binding decision that cannabis prohibition violates the country’s constitution. In theory, cannabis decriminalization is the law in Mexico. A conviction for personal use will not be upheld in the country’s highest court. In practice, local police officers have wide discretion in law enforcement, so don’t […]

In North Dakota, the Fight to Legalize Cannabis Heats Up

North Dakota would be one of the next states to legalize recreational cannabis if voters pass Measure 3 on Election Day. But as rhetoric around the initiative heats up, its chances of success are still anyone’s guess. Predictions mean nothing: One poll shows 51% support, another shows 26%. Meanwhile, Native Americans are fighting just to […]

MedMen’s ‘Cannabis’ Trademark Try: PR Stunt or Genius Move?

In the middle of finalizing the biggest-ever deal in American cannabis industry history—the $682 million takeover of a rival company, announced earlier this month—Los Angeles–based MedMen was plotting something even more audacious: laying claim to the word “cannabis” itself. MedMed wants to trademark the word ‘Cannabis.’ But only on its t-shirts. Is that even a […]

Canadian Searches for Cannabis Porn Hit New High

A quick search for #weedporn on Instagram will turn up nearly seven million images of superb specimens of bud, close-ups of crystallized nugs, and carefully crafted joints, though it seems that Canadians are (quite literally) looking for a different kind of “weed porn” in the days following nationwide legalization. Pornhub is reporting that searches for […]

9 Female-Owned Cannabis Companies Crushing It in California

Determined to reverse this trend, one of Oregon’s most prominent attorneys, Amy Margolis, has launched “The Initiative,” the world’s first female-centric cannabis business accelerator. Working to balance gender inequality, Margolis says, “The Initiative will help provide the tools, mentoring, training and access to funding that women need to ensure their success in the cannabis space.” […]

Moving to Nevada For Legal Cannabis

We covered the Golden State, now welcome to the Silver State: Nevada. Nevada stands apart from other legal states for its arid desert landscape and wild attractions. This is a southwestern state marked by a vast desert and hidden delights. From Lake Tahoe to Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon, there is so much […]

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