Cooking With Ricky Flickenger: Restaurant-Worthy Edibles Don’t Have to Be Complicated

“A lot of infusion recipes require you to decarb (see: decarboxylation) your cannabis for four hours or overnight—or by using a crockpot,” says Flickenger. “I wanted a short method. I wanted something that wasn’t going to make my apartment or my client’s home smell like cannabis while prepping, cooking, or eating it.” The chef turned […]

Classic TV Characters Who Could Really Use a Little Weed

As fans of Mad Men can attest, the phrase “I’m Peggy Olson and I want to smoke some marijuana” was the “Yes, Girl!” heard ’round the world. But, historically, television has churned out some rather uptight characters that we’d all agree could use a little somethin’ somethin’ to loosen up. Need to relax? Check out […]

The Top 5 Regions Where Cannabis Is Grown in the US

October is that magical time of the year that brings out the best in America’s favorite pastime, as well as cannabis. While the top baseball teams match up in the Fall Classic, the nation’s most delectable sun-grown cannabis will be harvested throughout a season better known as Croptober. And just like baseball, the year’s most […]

Cannabis Gummies, Hard Candies to Be Pulled From Washington Shelves

Say goodbye to gummies, Washington—or at least start stocking up now. At a Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) meeting on Wednesday, regulators announced a major change to the way the agency views cannabis-infused edible products, effectively banning all hard candies, fruit chews, gummies, and stylized chocolates. RELATED STORY Try These Sweet & Sour […]

Massachusetts Issues Cannabis Retail Licenses in Northampton, Leicester

The first recreational cannabis licenses in Massachusetts have now been granted—but would-be customers will still have to wait a few weeks before the stores are open for business. On Thursday, regulators at the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission voted to grant four final licenses to adult-use cannabis businesses, issuing one to a Northampton retailer and three […]

Colorado Cannabis Laws Too Loose, US Attorney Says

DENVER (AP) — Colorado’s system for regulating marijuana has too many loopholes that disguise illegal activity and jeopardize public safety, a federal prosecutor said Wednesday, detailing his motivation for boosting scrutiny in the first state to broadly allow cannabis sales. U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer said he is particularly concerned with how companies that grow marijuana […]

Phoenix City Council Kills Mayor’s Proposed Cannabis Tax

Phoenix patients can breathe a sigh of relief this week after a unanimous vote by the Phoenix City Council to scrap a proposal that would’ve imposed heavy taxes on medical cannabis. The plan, floated last week by Phoenix Mayor Thelda Williams, offered several possible tax options. Each was so steep that dispensary operators warned it […]

Pure Extraction: An Inside Look at Colorado’s Green Dot Labs

Green Dot’s cultivation approach is solidly based in superior genetics and conditioning. All growers breed strains for potency and flavor, but Green Dot takes it several steps further. They look at terpene profiles and resin production; they focus on growing only plants that thrive under automated conditions; they even analyze the density of the trichome […]

Senator: White House Drug Office Promises Objective Cannabis Study

A White House drug office official has offered assurances that a marijuana policy panel will be objective and dispassionate as it examines the impact of legalization in some states, a Colorado senator said. The vow came after BuzzFeed reported in August that the panel intended to portray marijuana as a national threat and criticize state efforts to […]

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