Joint Statement from DPA, LatinoJustice & ILRC – New Study: Deportation or Detainment of Friends & Family Strongly Associated with Increased Incidence of Substance Use Disorder Among US Citizen Latinx Populations

Washington, D.C. – In response to a new study showing that Latinx people who know someone who has been detained or deported to be significantly more likely to experience symptoms of substance use disorder than whites, the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), LatinoJustice and Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) issued the following joint statement:  Maritza Perez, […]

Statement from Drug Policy Alliance’s Kassandra Frederique: New York Can Set National Example for Cannabis Reform

Social Equity and Community Reinvestment Must Be Focus of Comprehensive Legalization Bill “We’re encouraged by Governor Cuomo’s renewed ambition to get legalization done this year and to see social equity and small business incubator programs included in his plan. Decriminalization alone will never be enough to right the injustices of discriminatory marijuana enforcement. We need […]

Drug Policy Alliance Executive Director to Step Down in March to Join Human Rights Watch

New York, NY – Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno, the executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, announced in a letter to staff today that she will be stepping down from the leadership of the organization on March 6 to assume a new position. DPA’s board of directors is actively discussing the process for identifying its next permanent leader […]

FY2020 Spending Bill Blocks ‘Class-Wide’ Fentanyl Ban Reminiscent of Crack-Cocaine Era, But Takes Step Back on Marijuana Provisions

New York, NY – In response to the final FY2020 spending bill that Congress is voting on this week, Maritza Perez, Director of the Drug Policy Alliance’s Office of National Affairs, issued the following statement regarding the packages’ drug policy implications:  “We’re encouraged that Congress has heeded our call to block the extension of the […]

Rethinking the “Drug Dealer”: Harsh Penalties for Drug Supply are Counterproductive, Says New Report

New York, NY – Today, the Drug Policy Alliance released a new report making the case for rethinking the way the United States responds to the “drug dealer.” Beyond being merely ineffective, the harsh criminalization of supply-side drug market activity may actually make drug use more dangerous, increasing overdose deaths and leading to more violence […]

New Jersey Legislature Kicks Marijuana Legalization Back to Voters in 2020; Passes Bill to Expunge Low-Level Drug Offenses 

New York, NY – In response to the New Jersey legislature’s passage of a measure (SCR183/ACR840) to put marijuana legalization on the 2020 ballot, as well as a bill to expunge records for low-level drug offenses, Maria McFarland Sanchez-Moreno, Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, issued the following statement:  “Given the legislature’s inability to pass […]

Drug Policy Alliance Names Rising Criminal Justice Reform Leader Maritza Perez National Affairs Director

New York, NY – The Drug Policy Alliance has named Maritza Perez the new Director of its Office of National Affairs. In this role, Perez will lead the organization’s federal legislative agenda and strategy, as well as its work in the District of Columbia. Most recently, Perez served as the senior policy analyst for Criminal […]

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