How Cannabis Cultivation Has Advanced Farming Technologies

Canada’s newly legal cannabis industry might still be in its infancy but the legacy of illicit growers continues to contribute to greener agricultural practices across the globe. The once covert operations—meant to keep cannabis cultivation under police radar—can be credited with creating innovative farming techniques that curb agricultural waste and save on natural resources like […]

Can Pets Get High Off Secondhand Cannabis Smoke?

If you’ve ever wondered if your pets can get high, the answer is yes, but they don’t like it and it’s not good for them. While massive strides have been made recently when it comes to understanding our animal friends, their inability to self-report makes it impossible to ever know what’s actually going on in their […]

Toronto Maple Leafs Suing Snoop’s Cannabis Brand Over Logo

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a pretty good NHL team, but they are picking a fight with an opponent they might find tougher than the Philadelphia Flyers? The Toronto hockey team has reportedly filed a motion against multi-talented entertainer Snoop Dogg for copyright infringement. Snoop has collaborated with Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth to develop and market […]

Vancouver Dispensaries Won’t Close Without a Fight

You’d think that the legalization of cannabis would make it easier for people who use it for medical reasons to acquire what they need. Not so fast, Tiger. In April 2016, there were in excess of 100 medical cannabis dispensaries open for business in Vancouver, now there are a grand total of three. The city […]

Canna-Curious Named 2018 Word of the Year

If you’ve been paying attention to lifestyle media, you’ve probably run into the word canna-curious. It’s gotten so popular that Civilized, an online lifestyle magazine with an emphasis on cannabis culture, has named it their Word of 2018. A play on the established term bi-curious, canna-curious is generally accepted to be a description of someone […]

Teen Cannabis Consumption Unlikely to Increase Post-Legalization

I was living in Boston when the debate about legalizing recreational cannabis in Massachusetts was still contentious. The feeling around town was that it was something of a fait accompli, but the anti-cannabis lobbyists, bless their hearts, didn’t give up their fight. They frequently ran a commercial featuring some suburban everymom loading her tweenish children […]

Canada’s First Cannabis Hotel Plans to Launch in 2019

Let’s say you have to spend a night or two in Toronto. Wouldn’t you love to spend them in a luxurious condo in a vibrant, centrally located neighbourhood with great amenities like a top-notch gym, laundry facilities and even a well-liked food court downstairs? Let’s also say that it also offered a “cannabis concierge”—someone who […]

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