How Montel Williams Took Back His Stolen CBD Brand

Over the past year, the nationwide market for CBD has exploded. Products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are now available at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and independent retailers across the country. That spike in demand has also opened an opportunity for fraud. And the currently murky legal environment that surrounds CBD has proven too tempting for some veteran […]

There’s a Mess of Legalization Bills in Congress. Here’s What Really Matters

Congressional support for cannabis prohibition is finally crumbling. During the last Congress, which ended Jan. 3, 2019, federal lawmakers introduced more than 60 pieces of cannabis-related legislation—more than in every prior session since prohibition began. Even more continue to roll in this year. RELATED STORY Blumenauer: Congress Will Be ‘Better Than Ever’ on Cannabis There […]

This Dispensary Staffed Up 3,000% Last Year—and They’re Still Hiring

How TerraVida Scaled Up Upwards of 110,000 patients have registered to use medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, and nearly one-third of them are served by the three TerraVida dispensaries in the Philadelphia region. ‘We’re hiring for long-term expansion. Since we opened in February 2018, our staff turnover rate has been zero.’ Chris Visco, Founder, TerraVida dispensaries […]

Barr Tells Senate He Won’t ‘Go After’ Cannabis Companies

At his opening Senate confirmation hearing today, former-and-possibly-future attorney general William Barr called the current state-federal standoff on cannabis legalization “untenable,” but stopped short of expressing any intent to disrupt state policies on the issue. At times, Barr seemed like a man who’d emerged from a previous era. Unlike his predecessor Jeff Sessions, who was […]

Could Trump’s Next Attorney General Actually Be Worse Than Jeff Sessions?

Another year, another televised tragicomic hearing to fill one of our nation’s highest offices. One legal analyst describes nominee William Barr as ‘Sessions without baggage.’ As former—and possibly future—US Attorney General William Barr prepares to field two days of questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee starting Tuesday morning, Leafly is taking a look back at […]

How a Tiny Island Nation Could Use Cannabis to Disrupt Diabetes Care

Like many small, post-colonial states, the Republic of Vanuatu, a Pacific archipelago comprising dozens of small islands, sees some economic boosts from being a tourist destination, tax haven, and “flag of convenience,” but it experiences some drawbacks, too. The remote nation’s residents, known as Ni-Vanuatu, frequently face unemployment and poverty, relying heavily on personal fishing […]

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