5 Cannabis Smugglers Who Changed the Game

Han Solo was a smuggler. Goldfinger was a smuggler. And so were many of the real-life leaders of the American revolution, who earned their livings by sneaking tea, sugar, and other foreign goods into the colonies without paying the hefty taxes on imports imposed by the crown. Rumor has it that Thomas Jefferson may have […]

Without Compassion, Cannabis Doesn’t Work: California’s Fight for Patients in Need

Cannabis prohibition isn’t ending because of the massive profits to be made growing and selling the plant. Or because the war on cannabis is racist, oppressive, counterproductive, and an astounding waste of resources. Or because cannabis is far safer than alcohol. Or because George Washington used to grow hemp. We’re creating an economy around the […]

The Most Impactful Cannabis Studies of All Time

The following compendium of landmark cannabis studies is exclusively focused on top-level research that either fundamentally advanced our understanding of the plant’s therapeutic properties, or thoroughly debunked some pernicious piece of official misinformation—such as “smoking weed gives you lung cancer.” But that’s only half the story when it comes to the intersection of science and […]

Survivors for Cannabis: Healing the Wounds of PTSD With Community & Cannabis

Despite mountains of anecdotal evidence pointing to serious therapeutic benefits, there’s little hard data on cannabis as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But after a decade-long battle between researchers and the DEA, the first-ever randomized controlled study of the efficacy of cannabis for military veterans with PTSD is currently underway, with cannabis supplied […]

8 Rare Cannabis Strains Worth Searching High (and Low) For

Here’s another paradox: Anyone seeking out obscure cannabis strains of the distant past—far flung exotic landraces that never made a commercial impact to begin with, or the hottest new hybrids that haven’t yet hit the commercial market—will like have better luck dusting off their old underground dealer rolodex and chasing after leads and clues like […]

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