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Hemp Health & Innovation Expo Melbourne – Wrap Up

HHI Expo Melbourne

Hemp, Health & Innovation Expo, Melbourne

On December 2 and 3, despite  the rain, nearly  5000 people attended Melbourne’s inaugural Hemp, Health & Innovation (HHI) Expo & Symposium. Over the last 12 months alone there have been groundbreaking movements for hemp and cannabis in Australia; Hemp foods were legalised November 12, the first two commercial legal shipments of medicinal cannabis arrived  in the country, the first defence veteran was dispensed with medical cannabis to medicate post-traumatic stress syndrome and as it stands from August  2017, a total  of 22 licences have been issued allowing patients and doctors to access a legal domestic source of cannabis for medicinal use. This is comprised of 10 medicinal cannabis licences (commercial cultivation and production), six cannabis research licences, and six cannabis manufacture licences. The Office of Drug Control (ODC) has another 56 licence applications under assessment.

“HHI Expo is Australia’s only large scale hemp and cannabis event. People are in desperate need of more information about this incredible plant and we’re extremely proud to have founded an event where information is at the ready from trusted, reliable and expert sources. From our very first HHI Expo in Sydney in 2016, we knew that an event like this was in demand. The HHI Expo is about spreading awareness, creating conversations and teaching people about the growing industries of industrial hemp, hemp foods and medicinal cannabis. Our Melbourne Expo granted us the honour of continuing to spread that message a little bit further,” said Michelle Crain, founder of HHI Expo.

The HHI Expo returns to Sydney next year on 12-13 May at Rosehill Gardens. Tickets go on sale soon via the HHI Expo facebook page.

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