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Hemp-based cream provides arthritis relief

  • Genie Davis
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Mira Costa alumn Garrett Greller has always been an entrepreneur. When he was in seventh grade, he started his first business selling duct tape wallets and handbags.

Today, together with his father Howie Greller, and family friend and business partner Jane Batts, Greller is the creator of Uncle Bud’s, a topical cannabidiol or CBD rub which changed his own life.

“We knew that the world had to hear my story and try this product, because I know how much it helped me, and want it to do the same for others. Suffering from pain of any sort is not fun, and I want to be able to make a change in people’s lives with Uncle Bud’s,” said Greller.

Extremely active as a teen, Greller enjoyed surfing, snowboarding, wake boarding and soccer. He was a competitive tennis player on the Costa team. But he began to get extreme pain in his knees, back, hips and ankles. He made the rounds to nine different doctors and had eight different MRIs before a rheumatologist diagnosed him with juvenile arthritis in his knees, back, hips and ankles—at age 14. Doctors tried him on a variety of pain relief medications, which were expensive, costing Greller’s family up to $2,500 a week. They were also mostly ineffective, and often caused terrible side effects. Alternative medicines didn’t help either.

Greller eventually had to quit the tennis team.

Desperate for help, Greller tried for nearly two years to find pain relief. A friend of his mothers recommended a topical non-psychoactive CBD pain reliever that could only be purchased at a medical marijuana dispensary. The result was nothing short of miraculous for Greller.

“I tried the CBD topical rub, went on a 15-minute walk, and my pain was gone. It was the strangest, yet most exciting moment of hope I had in two years,” Greller recalls. “Suddenly, I was once again living a pain-free, active life because of this magical CBD rub. I was off all other medications, and it felt like a miracle.”

Greller was able to return to playing tennis, surfing and snowboarding.

But then came a terrible moment. Moving to Indiana to attend Indiana University—a state in which medical marijuana is not legal—Greller could no longer receive the help he needed. Unwilling to return to a life of pain, he was determined to create a CBD rub that would be legally accepted everywhere.

That rub has become Uncle Bud’s. It’s formulated with 30 mg of CBD extracted legally from industrial hemp with a THC content below 0.03 percent. The rub is manufactured in a professional FDA-approved lab in Dallas, Texas, founded by Batts. Production began in January. The process mixes the CBD with other natural anti-inflammatory ingredients including emu oil, olive oil, coconut oil and methyl salicylate. This “trusted family formula,” as Greller calls it, is also known as CANATREX™.

Because CBD is considered a dietary supplement, Uncle Bud’s itself is not FDA-approved, but it is FDA-certified, allowing nationwide over-the-counter sales of the pain-relief product in all 50 states. Not only is it legal, but Greller is proud of his reasonable sales price.

“The balms available at medical marijuana dispensaries take their CBD from medical marijuana high in THC and generally low in CBD, which makes it quite expensive. Uncle Bud’s will be sold at a full retail price of $25,” he said.

There will be additional discounts offered through Greller’s Indiegogo page, which launched July 5 to help get Uncle Bud’s on the market.

“The goal is to start spreading the word, or as we like to say ‘spread the rub, spread the word,’” Greller explains. “I want to teach people about CBD, convince stores to stock Uncle Bud’s and overcome negative set ideology about any hemp-based product.”

A digital advertising major at Indiana University, Greller has made a promotional video and plans a marketing campaign based around the slogan “Got Pain?” His initial marketing will focus on members of the millennial generation, hoping they can teach older generations about the use of the first fully-legal CBD rub.

“It’s meant for anybody who suffers from even minor aches or pains,” Greller states.

To more information or to contribute to the indiegogo campaign, visit