Does Luxury Cannabis Ignore Social Equity?

Luxury cannabis is not just a concept anymore, it’s taking up physical space in some of the bougiest establishments. It’s jarring to see Saks Fifth Avenue’s in-house salon in Manhattan stocked with high-end CBD and Barneys in Los Angeles armed with a cannabis retail wing when people are still getting locked up in prohibition states. […]

Leafly’s Guide to Cannabis in Ontario Cottage Country

Cannabis, cottaging, and camping have gone together since long before legalization, but now you can stash up at an actual store before enjoying a puff in the great outdoors. As a disclaimer, impaired driving of any kind is against the law. The federal government has prohibited experienced drivers from getting behind the wheel with 2ng/ml […]

Music Festivals, Legal Cannabis Sing a Hit Duet in 2019

To some extent, almost all music festivals are cannabis-friendly. At least if you judge by the ubiquitous clouds of cannabis smoke that rise over the crowd at everything from reggae fests to country music jamborees. But no matter how much they’d like to, the production companies running the $10 billion a year US music events […]

Will New Mexico Be the Next State To Legalize?

SANTA FE, N.M. — There’s no question Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham wants state lawmakers to take up the matter of legalizing cannabis when they meet again in January. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham wants lawmakers to take up legalization in January. “Better that we embrace it, deal with the public safety issues, be earnest about it, […]

Wisconsin Cannabis Arrests Hit Black Residents Hardest

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — During Wisconsin’s 2018 midterm election, which saw a record-breaking turnout, it was not the close gubernatorial race that motivated Milwaukee resident Marlon Rockett to cast an early ballot. It was the county’s non-binding referendum on whether the adult use of cannabis should be legalized. Racial equity is a top reason why […]

In California’s Cannabis War, Civil Is the New Criminal

A new crackdown has begun in California’s cannabis growing heartland of Humboldt County. For unlicensed farmers, a summer of reckoning has arrived. Now that local and state authorities have provisionally licensed about 1,500 legal cannabis farms statewide, they’re stepping up enforcement actions against farmers growing without a permit. County officials are doing it not with SWAT […]

Health Canada Falls Behind on Licensing Micro Cultivators

In a November 2017 announcement, Health Canada detailed their intent to license small scale commercial cannabis cultivators and processors, saying that it hoped to “enable a diverse, competitive legal industry comprised of both large and small players in regions across the country.” Now, nine months after companies were given the go ahead to apply for […]

What to Do With Disappointing Weed

So your last cannabis purchase didn’t live up to expectations? It happens. But with the right approach, even the most middling cannabis can make a comeback. A word of caution: if you suspect that mould or mildew are the cause of your distaste, toss the batch entirely—it’s not worth the health risks. But for cannabis […]

Beer Brewers on New Cannabis Beers: ‘They Should Just Stop’

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing more satisfying than cracking open a frosty bottle of—non-alcoholic beer with weed in it? Aimed at millennials, who are apparently tired of drinking, a confusing batch of cannabis-infused beer alternatives recently arrived on dispensary shelves. These drinks aren’t labeled as “beer,” there’s 5 to 10 milligrams of THC […]

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