Broad Coalition of Civil Rights, Immigration and Drug Policy Groups Release Principles for Federal Marijuana Reform

The Marijuana Justice Coalition Launches, Urging Congress to Reform Marijuana Laws with Emphasis on Racial Justice House Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearing on Marijuana and Racial Justice Tomorrow WASHINGTON, DC, July 9, 2019 – A broad coalition of 10 national groups has joined forces to create the Marijuana Justice Coalition to advocate for federal marijuana reform […]

Decarboxylation 101: How to Decarb in an Oven

When decarboxylating your cannabis in an oven, it’s important to remember that the temperature dial on an oven is more of an average temperature than an exact one. Ovens can fluctuate in temperature by 20 or more degrees, so keep an eye on your cannabis. If it turns brown too quickly or smells like it […]

Youth Cannabis Use Drops 8% in Legal States, Study Finds

In a research letter published today in JAMA Pediatrics, a group of university economists found that cannabis use among youth has declined in states that adopted adult-use legalization. ‘Marijuana use among youth may actually decline after legalization for recreational purposes.’ JAMA Pediatrics The researchers used 25 years of data from Youth Risk Behavior Surveys (YRBS), which […]

Americans Bought $400M in Cannabis for July Fourth

America lit more than just fireworks this Independence Day—the July Fourth week saw record legal cannabis sales in the fast-growing industry. Legal cannabis sales totaled $400 million for the July Fourth week, up 60% over the weekly national average. That estimate comes from Akerna, formerly MJFreeway, a technology company that runs dispensary cash registers nationwide. […]

More Maine Towns Opting to Allow Cannabis Stores

PORTLAND, Maine — The number of cities and towns opting in to legalized cannabis is slowly growing in Maine as the state gets closer to accepting applications for licenses. Gov. Janet Mills signed a bill in late June that sets up a legal framework for adult-use sales. The state Office of Marijuana Policy plans to […]

How to Get a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card

The only way to legally buy cannabis in Michigan today is as a medical marijuana patient. Yes, state voters legalized adult-use cannabis in November 2018, but the first retail stores for people 21 and older aren’t expected to open until sometime in 2020. In the meantime, the only sales are medical. Registering as a medical […]

6 Cannabis Strains That Taste Better as Hash

When it comes to smoking big weed, you’ve got to have big flavor, or the experience is worth nothing. Though smoking flower is my favorite method of consumption, I’m well aware that concentrates provide the most flavorful experience, especially hash. Hash, or hashish, is a cannabis concentrate created by extracting trichomes from the plant. This […]

Op-Art: What If We Treated Restaurants Like Cannabis?

Ever wonder why cannabis was outlawed and other plants, drugs, and activities were not? Consider this. Foodborne disease causes about 5,000 deaths every year in the United States. About half of all foodborne disease outbreaks reported to the Centers for Disease Control are associated with restaurants. Meanwhile, cannabis directly causes zero annual deaths. So… what […]

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