New York Readies 3 Cannabis Bills if Adult-Use Fails

As frantic, last-minute negotiations continue in Albany over New York’s adult-use cannabis bill, legislators have simultaneously primed a trio of backup bills to provide incremental improvements in case the legalization bill doesn’t pass. Leaders were still one or two votes shy of passing adult-use legalization as of Tuesday night. This year’s regular session is scheduled […]

Congress Eyes New Way to Allow Cannabis Banking, DC Sales

A new federal spending bill introduced by House Democrats over the weekend may break two logjams in one fell swoop. One provision in the bill would provide legal protections for banks that work with the cannabis industry, while another would allow Washington, DC—where cannabis is legal but retail sales are prohibited—to finally launch a commercial […]

Attorney General Says He Prefers STATES Act Over Prohibition

In an appearance before Congress yesterday, Attorney General William Barr offered a brief respite from the acrimonious battle over the Mueller Report when he addressed a rare point of political consensus: cannabis reform. Barr personally supports prohibition, but says a STATES Act solution would be better than the current stalemate. During a Senate Appropriations hearing […]

The STATES Act Is Back. Can It Win Over Congress?

The STATES Act, one of the leading efforts to end cannabis prohibition at the federal level, has stepped back into the spotlight. Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Cory Gardner (R-CO) this week reintroduced the bipartisan bill, which would allow states to craft their own policies on cannabis. While it wouldn’t legalize the drug nationally, it […]

Unlimited Licenses? Pennsylvania Legalization Bill Charts a Bold New Plan

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania senators unveiled the details of a cannabis legalization bill that, compared to the more restrained bills being considered elsewhere, is striking in both its scope and progressive approach. The bill, SB 350, set to be introduced by Democratic Sens. Daylin Leach and Sharif Street, emphasizes a thoughtful social equity program, provides […]

Will Tomorrow’s THC Be Brewed in a Lab?

The bacteria we call yeast gave humanity its bread and beer. Our cannabis buzz may be next. Yesterday, researchers at University of California Berkeley announced they had successfully hacked yeast genes to grow cannabis’ main active ingredients. Their findings, published in the scientific journal Nature, add to research on using synthetic biology to produce “green […]

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