Huge Cement Blocks Bar Access to Illicit Toronto Dispensaries

Across Ontario, police and municipalities are hard at work raiding and shutting down those illicit dispensaries left over from before legalization. Unauthorized cannabis sellers, however, are not making it easy for them. Last Tuesday, Hamilton police victoriously announced they had shut down the last of that city’s more than 40 illicit dispensaries. “It’s a fluid […]

Liberals Pass Bill to Suspend Records for Simple Cannabis Possession

The Liberal government’s Bill C-93, offering free record suspension but not expungement of cannabis possession convictions, received 11 amendments as it passed through the House of Commons public safety committee. The amendments reflected a variety of concerns about the legislation from all parties, including those from Liberals, Conservative, NDP, and Green MPs. Among the amendments, […]

Health Canada to Allow Provinces to Decide About Nursery Seed Sales

Health Canada confirmed provinces and territories may decide for themselves whether to allow federally licensed cannabis nurseries to sell plants and seeds on-site. With home-growing as an emerging legal market, currently in its first harvest, nursery owners are eager to get the go ahead to sell as much and as freely as they can—particularly because […]

Cannabis Smoke in Public Not a Crime, Quebec Decides

Finally bending to longtime pressure from municipalities like Montreal and Gatineau—who’ve both claimed for months that a public cannabis ban would be unenforceable—Quebec’s CAQ government relented on its plan to outlaw cannabis smoking and vaping in areas where tobacco smoking and vaping is allowed. Since the CAQ tabled Bill 2, to update Quebec’s cannabis rules […]

This Week in Cannabis: Top Stories From Across Canada From Apr. 12-19

This week in Cannabis: Halifax’s first cannabis crawl gets 86’d, a branch of the Saskatoon Public Library hosts a cannabis education event that includes how to roll a joint, and makers of Canadian law enforcements preferred roadside drug test stress that the machine does not detect intoxication. We’ve rounded up this week’s top stories from across […]

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