Canadian Producer to Release Pure Cannabis ‘Cigarettes’

One Canadian company is hoping to sell pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes assembled with the all-too-familiar beige filters present on many tobacco cigarettes in Canada. And looking at the pictures from the company’s press release last week, you would actually be forgiven if at first glance you thought it was a cigarette. You may not even know […]

Edibles Will Be Available in Canada in December 2019

The second wave of legalization will see three new classes of cannabis products become available to Canadians before the year is out. In a teleconference with media outlets today, Health Canada unveiled their final plans to regulate cannabis edibles, extracts, and topicals. Coming into effect on October 17, 2019, the regulations provide a comprehensive set […]

5 Wacky Canadian Cannabis Laws You Didn’t Know Existed

Cannabis might be legal across the country but laws do vary from province to province. While many of the regulations are as expected—touching on the who, how much, and where legal cannabis can be purchased, possessed, and consumed—there are still some, shall we say, odd cannabis-related laws on the books. That’s why Leafly scoured Canadian […]

Alberta Lifts Ban on Licensing New Cannabis Stores

The Province of Alberta has lifted its moratorium on new cannabis stores due to a national cannabis shortage and has begun processing existing retail store applications in their queue. The moratorium was first announced in November, and the province speculated it could take up to 18 months for the national cannabis shortage to lessen in […]

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